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Don't Tell Mommy | Part One

2022-10-21 00:42:23

I came home from work to make lunch, which I rarely do. My daughter, who was on summer break at the time, obviously did not know I was home. I entered the kitchen to make a sandwich, but before I could reach for the fridge, I heard the faint sounds of moaning coming from the second floor.

“Oh yeah. Fuck yes!”

I knew right away it was my beautiful, well developed, 15-year-old daughter Bailey, but I was very surprised by how vocal she was being. I wanted to get closer, to have a better listen. So I quietly moved to the bottom of the stairs.

“Oh yes, I am a dirty girl, don’t tell mommy, I love getting fucked in my dirty, naughty little cunt....”

Before Bailey could finish, my body became sexually aroused by my daughter’s dirty talk! It felt like I had no choice in the matter, my body was overcome with excitement.

But I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I tried to collect myself. I felt shocked, thrilled, jealous, curious, and most of all, left wanting more! I overheard my daughter masturbate plenty of times before, but never had I heard her talk so dirty. She was more like me than I knew! A smile grew across my face as I realized my own excitement. I had to get closer. I slowly, and very quietly ascended up the stairs.

I heard Bailey more clearly. Her volume and rate started increasing.

“Keep fucking me, oh god, I am such a dirty little slut. Yes, do what you want to me. Use me.”

My pussy was tingling, and I felt my panties getting moist against my skin. Was my daughter with someone? Did she have a boy over? My heart started racing. I was feeling a little bit angry and nervous, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions. I was sooo fucking curious. Why didn’t I realize my 15-year-old daughter was such a dirty little girl?

“Oh yes… yes god, keep doing that.” Bailey moaned. “Yeah right there, fuck me, fuck me, oh god keep fucking me. Yes don’t stop. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck... yes. I am such a whore for you.”

It sounded like Bailey was getting fucked by someone, but who? I couldn’t hear any male responses. I needed to get closer, my inner voyeur was being re-awakened.

“Voyeurism still gets me so fucking horny and wet,” I thought to myself, “but it seems like such a long time since I’ve felt this way.”

I suddenly realized that I wanted to watch my daughter play with herself until she climaxed, and my pussy ached at that realization. I quickly went from moist to wet.

“I’m your naughty little whore. Keep using me. Oh god yes please take it.”

Lustful pleasure swept over my entire body, and then suddenly I felt wrong. My stomach dropped as I swallowed in disbelief about what was happening. My young daughter was expressing her sexuality in a very kinky and verbal way, and I was secretly taking pleasure in it with her. But as wrong as I felt, deep down I knew I wanted more.

“Oh yeah, you like that? Do it, yeah do it. Fucking use me. Oh my god yes. Use me. Use me, take it, fucking take it from me.”

I couldn’t fucking resists unbuttoning my summer shorts so that I could move my hand under my panties toward my clit. I made it to the top of the stairs and stopped. I peeped around the corner towards my daughters room. My finger started massaging my now wet clit under my panties, my other hand was making its way to my nipples; and my daughter had no idea I was home.

Bailey spoke louder, “My pussy is sooo wet for you,” she said, “please don’t stop, I need to be punished, fucking punish my dirty cunt with your cock, yes, yes, do it, keeping fucking me. I want to be fucked long and hard like a slutty girl. Use me, use me with your cock. Oh god yes, I’m going to cum soon daddy.”

My heart was racing! What the fuck was going on!? My husband better not be fucking her! Now I had to get closer. I hesitantly moved down the hallway past the bathroom, nearing her bedroom door; which was slightly cracked open.

Bailey was almost screaming. “Oh fuck yes daddy pound your little girl. I need your cock.”

I was just outside her bedroom now. I could see my daughters feet hanging over the end of her bed. She was alone, thank fucking god! But what the fuck was she saying? My daughter was having a sexual fantasy about her own father?

Bailey continued. “Oh yes daddy, don’t stop, keep fucking me like you do mommy. Oh my god, I’m such a bad little girl, punish me with your cock, fuck my little cunt, I won’t tell mommy I promise! Keep fucking me daddy, I’m going to cum so hard!”

Through the door-crack I could see that my daughter was frantically rubbing her clit, and occasionally moving her fingers in and out of her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. I had to admit, it was such a relief she was alone that I could care less how dirty she was. In fact, it didn’t actually bother me very much that she was talking so dirty. It was only a fantasy after all, and it was similar to my own fantasy.

“Daddy, oh daddy you naughty pervert. Don’t tell mommy you punished me like a little slut! Don’t tell mommy I want to cum on your cock daddy. Oh my god I am such a bad girl, punish me, spank me, oh my… mmmh... don’t fucking stop daddy.”

During the last few minutes, I felt an entire spectrum of emotions, but right now, I was overcome by one very strong emotion. Lust! I couldn’t stop myself, I needed to get as kinky and dirty as my young daughter was being. Suddenly I was craving the same slutty needs as Bailey.

Now inches from her bedroom door, I unzipped my tight white shorts, they dropped to my ankles, I lowered my white, purple-laced panties down below my knees, quickly I entered my cunt with my fingers, and pulled my nipples over my bra. I started fingering my cunt fast, meeting my daughters rhythm.

“Oh yes daddy,” Bailey continued, her voice sounded so sexy. “I watched you fuck mommy for years, and now I finally get to feel your cock for the first time. I can’t get enough, please don’t stop. My underage cunt is so wet for you daddy. Keep fucking me hard. Take me daddy.”

Bailey was now screaming, “Oh my god yes I fucking need daddy’s cock.”

I kept finger fucking myself as I thought, “My daughter has been a voyeur this whole time? I had no idea. She is just like me. She must have been watching us have sex for a long time!”

My mind was buzzing with euphoria. I realized how dirty I was being, my daughter could catch me masturbating to her sounds at any moment. I was only a few feet away from her. But I could not stop myself from getting even more naughty. I stopped playing with my nipples and placed a finger up my ass. My panties fell to my ankles as I lost all regard for decency. I kept finger fucking my wet pussy at the same rate as my slutty, sexy, beautiful, loving daughter.

“YES, I’m cumming daddy, oh my god please keep fucking my cunt, oh my… my... my cunt is cumming on your cock daddy, your cock feels so good daddy. OHHHHH FUCK YESS I……. OHHHHHH OHHH GOD YES. OH MY GOD YES YES YES YES YES.”

I was rubbing my clit so hard and fast when my daughter came. I could feel us cuming together, my breasts felt so good, my clit was vibrating, my pussy was tightening around my fingers, my anus was pulsating, my head and neck went weak, and my knees buckled as I leaned against the wall in pure ecstasy as I came silently.

“WOW, my daughter made me cum harder than my husband ever has!” My head went to cloud nine and I seductively licked pussy juice off my fingers.

This was the very beginning, of a very long journey, of pleasure, love, lust, and voyeurism.

Coming out of my daze, I realized I needed to get back downstairs before my daughter saw me. I quickly pulled up my panties and shorts, quietly moved to the stairs, and descended to the kitchen. I suddenly realized how hungry and thirsty I was! A sandwich and ice water sounded fucking fantastic.

(Authors note: Am I right about the sandwich and ice water? Hahaha, phew. Sex takes a lot of calories :P A little humor for fun.)