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Mission to Persephone: First the journey

2022-08-15 00:23:08

After the success colonisation of the first three planets and the development of the FTL engine, five billion people were forced onto colony ships and sent to colonise fifty planets. Three hundred years on over sixty star nations exist with over a hundred planets colonised. Each with their own principles and way of life. Some had thrived developing into rich multi-planet star nations continuing to settle new planets extending their sources of wealth and their influence where others barely got by remaining dirt poor single planet nations.

STH3, Main space transit station above the planet New Montreal.

The Captain of the cargo ship Ferret leaned against the hatch leading to his ship. For a merchant captain heading out to the frontier, he was one of the more reputable. He was a large man and wore his dark blue merchant captain jacket and cap over a black shipsuit, which resembled a tight-fitting flight suit from the twenty-first century.

He watched disapprovingly at the woman walked toward him, she was of average high with long wavy brown hair wearing beige cargo trousers and a t-shirt under a matching jacket, with heavy duffle over he shoulder. But he was focused on the three interlocking silver rings hanging from a silver chain around her neck, a missionary from the Galactic Church (GC). The most recent form of interplanetary Christianity, who beliefs he struggled to understand, they were, however, one of the largest interplanetary organisations with money to match and one the only sources of funding to help poor planets develop.

His Executive Officer on the station had given him a head up of a woman looked for passage but he wasn’t expecting GC missionary fruitcake, he would have to talk to him about that.

“Can I help you?” he asked as she drew closer

She walked right up to him before answering “I’m looking for passage to Persephone”

“Persephone, you want to go to Persephone” he replied with surprise.

Persephone was a dirt poor planet on the frontier of explored space, technically a single planet nation although it didn’t have a planetary government. Instead, it was controlled by the three richest men on the planet all with authoritarian view on people freedoms especially women and with a deep suspicion even hatred for outside. In fact, last time he had been there the church in the main settlement, also called Persephone just to be confusing, had ‘mysteriously’ burnt down.

“Yes, I’m a missionary...”

“I know what you are,” he said cutting her off. “Have you been briefed on Persephone. It's not a good place for religious types and especially women”

“More the reason for people like me to visit don’t you think”

He thought for a minute. She was fucking crazy completely and utterly insane, but there were other captains who would take her and some who would just sell her to the slavers who thrive in that part to the galaxy.

“Ok we’ll take you but no preaching on my ship”

“Fair enough. I’m Kate Reed” she said offering her hand

“Captain Tim Brooks. I’ll show you to your quarters” he said turned around and tapping on a panel next to the door causing the door to slide open.

“Thank you, Captain”

“You’ll need to wear a shipsuit for safety reason when aboard,” he said stepping through the door to the docking tube leading to his ship”

“Of course I’ve brought one with me”

The one-piece suit, like the one Brooks wore, came in various styles and colours but all automatically sealed in the vacuum of space with a flexible helmet at the collar and gloves at the cuff. They could preserve the wearer’s life for up to twelve hours in space and were a staple aboard space ships.

Brooks led her aboard pointing out the mess and recreation spaces as he showed her to the passenger quarters. Her room simple with a bed, shower, basin and toilet.

“I’ll leave you to it,” he said with a nod

“Don’t you want this?” she said holding out a centimetre square chip charged with her fare, the modern equivalent to a check, a smile on her lips.

“Thanks,” he said returning her smile with an embarrassed one. “We’ll be departing with in the next hour”

Six hours had passed before Brooks saw Kate again, it was past ships midnight and the lights were turned down when he walked into the mass the first night in space was always hard for him. He had walked halfway across the room and stepped into the galley before he noticed the light in the far corner of the room. He stepped backwards.

It was just enough to illuminate her. She sat on one of the beaches her dark blue shipsuit clinging to her slim frame, breast and her nice ass, a mat rolling out on the table in front of her. The contents of the cleaning mat surprised him a tiny two-shot blaster, an array of knives and compact blaster. The blaster’s twin was in her hands harmless with is power pack removed.

“Good evening Captain,” she said without lifting her head

“Good evening” he managed to get out suddenly realising his watching had gone unnoticed. “Coffee?”

“Sure, black please”

He got two mugs of coffee from the machine, pouring sugar and creamer into his. Carrying them over he set them down slipping onto the branch opposite her.

“Trouble sleeping?” She asked

“Yeah hardly ever sleep on the first night” he answered his eyes running over the weapons and tools on the table between them, none were new but all were well-maintained pieces.

“You know all that sugar won’t help”

“I’ve kinda given up by now,” he said raising his head to find her brown eyes looking at him.

He looked at her for a long moment, at her attractive oval face, apparently with a quizzical look on his face

“Asked the question Captain”

“I thought you were a...”

“Pacifist. Most people make that mistake. I’m not a pacifist, delusional religious fanatic or a virgin. I’m a believer but I’m also a realist and a liberal”

He was sure how they when from there to his solid cock brushing again her slick velvet lips of her pussy as she straddled him on his bed. What the fuck was he thinking mixing business with pleasure, but he suddenly stopped caring as his bellend passed through her velvet folds and her tight hot walls clasped his whole shaft, a small moan escaped her lips as she did.

Pushing down on his chest with both hands she started to rock her hips. His cock began to move in and out of her in slow smooth movement pushing his cock deeply into her.

He watched her enjoying both warm wet tight sensation from his member and view of her slender body, her hips swivel as they rocked back and fore and her breast bob as she serviced him. But he could tell from the look in her eyes and movement of her body that she thought differently, she was using his body and position of power to pleasure herself. Her hand holding him down with strength he through passed she slim frame but easy to overcome for a big man like him. He resisted the urge to flip her over and take control, content to watch and enjoy. Resisting the urge he found his hands resting on her smooth thighs.

As Kate sped up her movement, her body started to do gleam with sweat in low light and her breath became more laboured but their pleasure hit the next level as his cock left and enter her with new speed and vigour. His hands slipped to her waist pulling and pushing her up and down as she moved.

But she could keep it up for long. He felt her grip loosen on his chest and he took advantage, gripping her wrist he swung her over and under him. She body when stiffened, her eyes opened filled with fire and she struggled against his grip.

“Are you willing to yield to me?” He asked looking down on her

Her eyes softened and she relaxed “show be what you got” he challenged him suddenly playfully.

Pulling her wrist together he pinned them down with his left hand while he right cupped her perfect breast.

His cock slipped from her pussy, gentle teasing her with his tip.

“Don’t toy with m....” she trailed off as his finger plunged deep into her wet pussy. Her hips lifted and he back arced as his fingers aggressive tortured her dripping hole and his thumb played with her clitoris.

“Beg me for it”

“Please Captain fuck me with your big cock” she begged dripping with as much sarcasm as she could muster.

He pushed into her with a deep thrust, her slick pussy walls surrounding cock. He continued to fuck her with deep thrusts. Slowly speeding up till a distinct wet sucking sound filled the room alongside the slapping sound flesh on flesh and masculine and feminine moans.

His hand continued to play with her breast cup and pinching her nipple while his lips moved up to her neck tasting the saltiness of sweat. Continuously adding to the sensations overwhelming Kate’s body, while her tight cunt jerked him off.

She was getting close now he could sense it, then it happened. Her body shook as she climaxed, letting out a low moan of delight. He kept on thrusting so close to his own and egged on by the thrill of making her climax.

He found his lips interlock hers as he emptied his load deep inside of her. He rolled off her panting

“We can’t do this again,” he said

But just happened a few more times in the three-week-long journey to Persephone.

Persephone spaceport, Persephone Settlement, Persephone.

To call it a spaceport was to use it in the loosest way possible, a dusty tarmac landing strip and separate landing zone with enough spaces for twenty shuttles and small ships surrounded by a wire fence and a single customs building.

The Ferret’s shuttle glided into a landing space. The rear ramp dropped and Kate emerged into the dusty sunlight. A hand stopped her before he stepped off the ramp. Captain Brooks had come down personally to try and stop her one last time.

She turned to look at him. She was back in her cargo trousers, t-shirt and jacket. He could pick out her concealed weapons but knew they were there.

Finally giving up trying to talk her out of it he simply said: “we’ll be here for another two hours if you need a ride off”. Not caring if she could pay. “And we’ll be back in about two weeks” he quickly added. He hadn’t considered land here on his way back but there were always people wanting to leave Persephone.

“Thanks” she replied squeezing his arm before stepping off the ramp and out to sight.

“Good luck Kate” he whispered know he wasn’t going to see her again today