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Naked Family Ep. 2: Beach Day

2022-07-02 01:04:16

Bella and her son Dillon went downstairs to the lobby to meet up with the rest of the family. When they arrived McKenna noticed something out of the ordinary.

“What’s all in your pubes Dillon?” McKenna asked curiously.

“What do you mean?” replied Dillon as he looked down to inspect his nether region.

As he examined his bush, he noticed small white clumps that were embedded into his thick, black pubic hair. They were clumps of semen left over from his masturbation session with his mom.

“Oh, that’s just a little bit of cum that got stuck in his pubes. It’s not a big deal McKenna, and don’t make your brother self conscious about it” Bella answered.

“Trust me Dillon, the same thing happens to your mother all the time. She can never get all of my cum out of that forest she’s got. Yeah, when you got pubes like we all do, stuff like that is a normal thing” Roger said humorously to the family.

This statement was very accurate in its nature as the family was quite a hairy bunch. Roger’s hairiness was very apparent even with his clothes on, but now standing bare it was on full display. Long dark hairs covered his entire body. His chiseled chest was as hairy as his face but his lower region had more hair than most people do on their heads. His pubic hair extended nearly all the way up to his belly button and his testicles were barely exposed due to the coverage of hair. Roger’s ass was also extremely hairy with long black hairs sticking their way out of his entire crack.

Dillon’s mother, Bella, also had a large black bush surrounding her genital area. It was a bit more tapered than his fathers as she needed it to be when she wore bikinis. But besides the edges, it appeared Bella had never trimmed her pubes as the bulk of them extended far out from her body. She had a perfect triangular afro of pubic hair that stood at nearly two inches in length. Bella never shaved around her vagina or asshole as she always wanted to be as natural as possible. Due to this, her pussy wasn’t really visible at all when she stood up, with a lot of dark hair covering her inner, upper thighs. Her ass only contained hair from her asshole to her taint but this was only visible if she bent over.

As for the children, Dillon and Florence had never trimmed or altered their pubes ever. Dillon had a wild, messy looking bush that grew in a large circular area around his penis. It had gotten to be so long, many of the hairs had become very curly and intertwined with each other.

Florence had a stunningly large, dark-haired bush, and even though she was the youngest it seemed she had developed her fathers aptitude for hair growth. She sported a thick, black bush that was just as long as Dillon’s. And similar to her mother, her pubic hair covered her pussy lips leaving them hidden when she stood up. Florence also had an enormous amount of hair on her taint leading to her small asshole.

McKenna was the only family member that had shaved down below, but she still had quite a spectacle. She had shaved her pubes in a landing strip after she and her friends were convinced to do so from a magazine they read. McKenna had a perfect half-inch wide landing strip leading from just below her belly button to her clitoris. But she had not trimmed her landing strip at all so just as her mother, it extended nearly two inches away from her body.

“At least I don’t cut my pubes into weird shapes like you McKenna” Dillon said trying to turn the tables and make his sister feel self-conscious.

“Yeah why’d you do that? Its strange looking” Florence chimed in after Dillon.

“It’s sexy. This is what guys like to see” McKenna responded.

“Where’d you hear that? That stupid magazine you and your friends read. That stuff is a bunch of crap” Dillon said.

“Hey that’s enough you two. Dillon, don’t tease your sister. Trimming your pubes is a very normal thing that a lot of people do” Bella stepped in.

“And she’s right you know. Men like pubes that are shaved like that. I on the other hand like them as hairy as they come” Roger said as he playfully patted his hand onto Bella’s pussy.

“Alright, enough messing around. Lets get down to the beach” Bella said.

They gathered up their things and proceeded to start walking to the main beach area. To do this they had to walk through the town section of Cap d’Agde in order to get to the beach.

As they walked Florence got a piggy back ride from her father. Florence had her arms wrapped around Roger’s neck with her legs tightly squeezing his mid section. Dillon gushed over his little sister as her ass cheeks were spread open revealing her luscious asshole to him. Her butt was small as she was a skinny girl but her ass cheeks had a perfect roundness to them and jiggled with every step that Roger took. Dillon had never viewed his youngest sister in a sexual manner but he couldn’t help becoming aroused while watching her bare ass bounce around on his father’s back.

“Better cool it down Dillon” McKenna told him.

“What?” Dillon replied, still entranced at the sight of his little sister’s ass.

“Your cock is getting hard again, and you can’t have boners in the town area” McKenna told him as Dillon and her were trailing their parents by a quite a few steps.

Dillon immediately looked down to his penis and saw that he was getting very hard.

“What’s getting you going anyways? Florence’s tiny ass giving you a boner?” McKenna joked.

“What!? No. Your disgusting, you know that” Dillon clamored.

“Well then, what’s getting you so hard?” McKenna asked.

“I don’t know,” Dillon stuttered. “All the naked people I guess. What do you care anyways?”

“I’m just curious what makes boys so horny all the time” McKenna replied.

“Well usually naked women get the job done” Dillon answered.

“Yeah and I guess naked sisters get the job done for you, huh?” McKenna jokingly said.

“Shut up” Dillon said as the two laughed off the statement.

“So, what’d mom do to you to get rid of your boner so quickly?” McKenna asked curiously.

“Really? Why do you have to ask all these weird questions?” Dillon said.

“Well you two were in the room for 5 minutes and then you came down with jizz stuck in your pubes, so I assume something happened? Did she jerk you off?” McKenna asked in a hushed tone.

“What?! No. That’s not what happened” Dillon claimed.

“Come on Dillon, just tell me. I wanna know” McKenna begged.

“Look, I just did what Dad told me to do and I jacked off and Mom just….” Dillon trailed off unsure if he should tell his sister what had happened.

“What? What’d Mom do?” McKenna asked excitingly; eagerly wanting to know.

Dillon saw the look of excitement on McKenna’s face and felt compelled to tell her the story.

“She shoved her fingers in my asshole while I jacked off. And it worked. It finished the job quickly.” Dillon finally answered.

“Woah! No way! That’s crazy! So you’re telling me Mom fingered your butthole while you jerked off? And that got you off?” McKenna said.

“Yeah” Dillon laughed. “Like immediately. It was awesome. And, like, a lot of stuff came out when I finished.”

“Isn’t that kind of gay though? You know for a guy to get stuff in his ass.” McKenna asked.

“No it’s not gay. Mom said she does it to Dad all the time. And Dad’s not gay” Dillon responded.

“Huh, I didn’t know guys liked that. I might have to try that next time I’m messing around with a horny boy” McKenna said.

“Pshh, yeah right. When’s that gonna be? Never.” Dillon joked.

“Could be sooner than you think. Clearly there’s a horny boy walking right here next to me” McKenna said as she slapped Dillon on the bare ass and paraded past him until she was walking next to her parents.

Dillon immediately realized that he was now sporting a full-on erection and that McKenna was referencing this when she slapped his ass. Talking about his mother fingering him to McKenna had gotten him very aroused. He hurriedly caught up to his parents and they finally reached the beach.

“Mom, what do I do about this now?” Dillon asked his mother referencing his large erection that he had.

“Don’t worry about it. We’re not in town anymore. No one cares if you have an erection on the beach. You might get a few cute girls checking you out but besides that it’s no big deal” Bella reassured her son.

With that the family found an area on the beach and placed down their towels. Florence immediately ran into the ocean to swim in the water. Dillon and his father grabbed their football to toss it around. Dillon felt this may take his mind off things and help his dick soften up. Bella and McKenna laid on their towels to soak in the sun. Bella placed a towel behind her to prop herself up so she could read her novel, while McKenna simply laid with her arms and legs spread out to get a great tan.

Even though McKenna was simply lying on her back on a towel, she was drawing a lot of attention. Bella was noticing several men who would walk past them were taking their sweet time and also glaring directly at her teenage daughter. For some reason though, Bella was not concerned by this but rather intrigued. She herself glanced over at McKenna and for the first time she truly admired what a beautiful young woman McKenna was growing up to become. McKenna’s large breasts sagged up towards her neck and out towards her biceps as she was lying on her back. Her puffy, protruding nipples looked like miniature traffic cones placed in the middle of her tits. Her shiny appearance made her look heavenly as the sun glistened down on her sunscreen covered body.

As Bella was observing her naked daughter lying next to her, she did not notice the family setting up shop beside them.

“Beautiful day out today, isn’t it?” Bella heard someone say right next to her. She immediately turned her head and saw a short Japanese man standing next to her.

“Oh, yes it certainly is. Sorry, you startled me a bit there.” Bella replied.

“Didn’t mean to do that. Just thought I’d be neighborly. You don’t mind if we set up camp right here do you?” the man asked.

“Not at all. That’s what this place is all about right. Meeting new people, getting to know one another. I’m Bella” Bella introduced herself.

“Pleasure to meet you Bella. My name’s Chan. This is my wife Sukei and those two are Rei and Hideki. We’re the Tanaka family. All the way here from California” Chan said.

The Tanaka family consisted of four members of Japanese descent but were second generation American and hailed from California. Chan Tanaka was the patriarch of the family and was a short man with a very average, unathletic physique. The one interesting attribute that Bella noticed of Chan was his penis. It was unusually small in length but had an unusually large diameter to it. Chan had a large unkempt bush surrounding his genital area and sitting in the middle was the head of his penis. The head of Chan’s penis was equal to a normal mans erect penis head but clearly Chan did not have an erection. At this point, Bella figured out that Chan had a chode penis and this was what it looked like. Chan’s penis was only an inch in length while it was flaccid but possessed a very thick girth to it.

The mother of the Tanaka family was Sukei. Sukei was also a short woman with very long black hair she wore in a ponytail that fell almost all the way down her back. She was slightly overweight and had enormous sized breasts that made Bella feel self-conscious about hers. Sukei’s tits were truly remarkable and she had enormous nipples to match her outstanding breasts. Her vagina was covered in a luscious blanket of jet black pubic hair. Her ass was quite flat but her beautifully tight skin revealed no stretch marks or sagginess.

Hideki was their son, who was around the same age as Dillon and looked like a skinnier version of Chan. Hideki also had a chode penis but his was a bit smaller than his fathers as he was still maturing.

Rei was their daughter and youngest child. She was very much flat chested as she hadn’t grown into her mother’s giant tits yet. Sukei always told her that the girls in her family have always been very late developers when it comes to these things. Rei did have the same large nipples as her mother though. Her breasts looked like small ant hills leading to the tips of her nipples. She was also completely bare around her vagina with no hair in sight. She was slender in build but did carry a perfect amount of weight in her rear end. She often lifted weights and had developed a very firm and thick ass from doing so.

“Well, its nice to meet you all! That’s my husband Roger and son Dillon throwing the football over there. And the girl out in the water is our youngest Florence. This one next to me is McKenna.” Bella told Chan and Sukei.

McKenna turned her head to face the Tanaka family and gave a smile and wave.

“Hello!” McKenna said.

Rei and Hideki left the conversation and ran into the ocean to swim.

“So how long have you guys been here?” Sukei asked Bella.

“Oh we just got here today. First day out on the beach. We’re gonna be here for a week or so. How about you all?” Bella said.

“Day three for us! We’ve been having a blast. Its our first time here. We’re a nudist family but have never been to the glorious Cap d”Agde before.” Sukei replied.

“Oh no way? It’s your guys’ first time here? We’ve been coming here as a family for a long time but haven’t been back for about 7 years so we’re really excited to be here.” Bella said.

“So you’re a family that practices nudism also then?” Chan asked Bella.

“Well, yeah sort of. We’ve kind of been neglecting it lately which is why we decided to make the trip this year.” Bella told him.

“Yeah it’s always important to maintain your nudist’s values. It definitely keeps a family connected and healthy.” Sukei said.

“So you guys are serious nudists then, huh?” Bella asked.

“Very serious. And we practice incest as well.” Sukei replied.

This statement startled both Bella and McKenna who overheard the conversation while she was tanning next to her mother. Bella simply stared at Sukei and Chan with an astonished glare.

“Haha, are you alright Bella? It looks like someone just punched you in your gut.” Chan jokingly said.

“Uhh, yeah I’m fine. Sorry, did you say you practice incest?” Bella said in an amazed tone.

“Yes. We practice incest.” Sukei again said.

“Incest? Like you have sex with your children?” Bella asked.

“Yes. And they have sex with each other. I know it may sound shocking but it helps our family grow closer and helps the kids feel more confident in themselves and live happier lives.” Sukei replied.

“Sukei and I did some research about it a few years back when the kids were struggling with some issues. Hideki was very self-conscious about his body and Rei was very introverted. Practicing incest helped them overcome these issues.” Chan added.

“Wow. Sorry, I’m just kind of speechless.” Bella said.

“Sorry to just come out and tell you that but a big part of practicing incest is being very open about it. We don’t like to hide it from anybody.” Chan said.

“And this has helped your kids?” Bella asked.

“Tremendously! They’ve become very confident and expressive. Hideki’s never been more proud of his body and with our genetics that’s an impressive thing.” Chan said referencing his and Hideki’s chode penises.

“And Rei has just opened up so much. When you show love to your kids, great things can happen and what more love can you show them besides intimate sex.” Sukei added.

“Well, I guess I’ve never really thought about that. I mean I suppose those are the same reasons we practice nudity in our family. It makes sense I suppose. I’m not sure if I could ever go to that level though.” Bella said.

“You should really think on it Bella. It’s really turned our family around for the better.” Sukei told her.

Meanwhile, McKenna was becoming soaking wet listening to this conversation about the Tanaka family practicing incest. She was becoming restless and decided to get up from tanning and take a walk down the beach. At the same time Dillon and his father returned back to the towel area. Dillon had lost his erection while tossing the football around with his dad and was happy to be back to a flaccid state.

“Where you off to McKenna?” Bella asked.

“I think I’m gonna take a walk down the beach. You know, check things out.” She replied.

“Dillon, go with your sister. You kids need to watch each other’s backs out here. There are some creeps on this beach, okay?” Bella told them.

“Alright. I’m down to check out the rest of the beach.” Dillon said.

Dillon and McKenna left their parents and began walking along the shoreline further down the beach.

“So you’re never gonna guess what just happened?” McKenna said to Dillon.

“What!? What!?” Dillon asked in excitement.

“You know that Japanese family that sat down next to us back there?” McKenna said.

“Yeah, what about them?” Dillon replied.

“Well, the parents started talking to Mom and told her all about how they practice incest as a family.” McKenna told Dillon.

“Incest?! Like, they have sex with their kids?” Dillon said with an astonished tone.

“Yeah and the two kids have sex with each other. How crazy is that?” McKenna said while intently observing Dillon’s reaction.

“Wow.” Dillon said, truly dumbfounded by this revelation.

McKenna continued to stare at Dillon trying to gauge his reaction. He was speechless after hearing this and she could tell where his mind was going. She knew that he was thinking about the same thing she was. Both of their thoughts immediately turned to their family practicing incest once they heard about this.

“That’s insane, huh?” McKenna finally said, breaking the silence.

“Uh yeah. Yeah that’s crazy. What else did they say about it?” Dillon asked with anticipation.

“They just kept saying how great it was and how much it helped their family and the kids confidence and stuff like that.” McKenna said.

“Huh. Well, I mean, I guess if it makes them happy who are we to judge what they do. You know?” Dillon said.

“Be careful there Dillon. Kinda sounds like you want to start fucking Mom.” McKenna joked.

“Shut up. Maybe I will fuck her after I’ve fucked you.” Dillon said as he playfully shoved McKenna.

They continued walking along the beach until they approached a large gathering of people.

“What’s going on over there?” Dillon asked.

“I don’t know. Lets go find out.” McKenna replied.

The two of them walked towards the group of people and fought their way through the crowd until they had a clear sight of the middle. Dillon and McKenna had stumbled upon some sort of circle jerk with three people having sex in the middle. Two guys were having sex with a woman while nearly thirty some people were standing around them masturbating.

“Woah, this is like one of those orgy things isn’t it?” McKenna said.

“Yeah it must be. All these people are just masturbating.” Dillon whispered.

The woman was now in a dog-like position being fucked from behind while giving oral sex to another man. Dillon and McKenna stood next to each other and didn’t say a word. They just watched in awe at the spectacle taking place in front of them.

Soon enough, Dillon’s cock started to rise up out of his pubes and grow into the full fledge 7.5 inch dick that he had. McKenna became quite stirred up and her pussy was slowly leaking liquids that were flowing down her inner thighs.

All of the sudden a hand reach over to Dillon and wrapped around his cock. Dillon turned to his right and saw a couple standing there. A tall man was standing behind a shorter plump woman. The man’s right arm was wrapped around his woman while his left hand was now stroking Dillon’s penis. The shorter woman also reached her hand over and now they both were jerking Dillon off. Dillon didn’t say anything and his gaze returned back to the threesome happening before him. McKenna now stopped watching the threesome and observed Dillon getting jerked off by these strangers.

Quite quickly, Dillon was reaching his breaking point. His knees began to buckle and he let out some audible grunts until he eventually came. With some loud accompanying grunts, Dillon shot blast after blast of cum all over the sandy floor until he collapsed to his knees.

McKenna followed suit and got on her knees with her arm around Dillon to comfort him. She was amazed at what she had just saw. Getting to see her brother orgasm was breathtaking and all she wanted to do was replay it over and over in her head. She looked down on the ground and saw all of Dillon’s cum being absorbed by the sand. She couldn’t believe he had ejaculated so much. McKenna had only seen a few pornos at her friends house and even in those, the men did not ejaculate as much as her brother.

“You alright Dillon?” McKenna said in a caring tone.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Dillon said trying to catch his breath.

Dillon looked over at the couple and smiled. “Thanks for that.” Dillon told them. The couple simply smiled back at him and continued watching the threesome.

“Come on Dillon. We should probably get back to Mom and Dad. I think this has been enough of a walk for today.” McKenna told her brother.

With that, the siblings began to walk back to their parents.

“That was pretty interesting stuff back there, huh?” McKenna said shyly.

“Yeah….it was.” Dillon said in an awkward tone realizing he had just came in front of his sister.

“Hey, sorry about what happened back there. I couldn’t help myself. I know you probably think that stuffs really disgusting. It won’t happen again, I promise.” Dillon told McKenna shamefully.

“Oh no. It wasn’t disgusting at all Dillon. I actually thought it was really neat. You know finally getting to see you jerk off, or I guess in this case get jerked off.” McKenna said.

“What do you mean finally getting to see?” Dillon asked.

“Well, you know, I make all these jokes about you jerking off, its about time I get to see it actually happen. And it lived up to the hype.” McKenna said while smiling at Dillon.

“Well I guess that’s a good thing. Wouldn’t want to disappoint you. Got to keep the brat of the family pleased.” Dillon joked as he nudged McKenna.

“That’s right. A good brother always pleases his sister and keeps her happy.” McKenna said in a playful tone as she bumped the side of her ass against Dillon’s.

“Is that right? Well then, what pleases you and what will make you happy madam?” Dillon said jokingly while imitating a butler/servant.

“Screw you.” McKenna said while playfully punching Dillon in his shoulder. “Just make sure you cum that much when I jerk you off tonight.” McKenna told Dillon as she ran further ahead of him until she had reached their parents camp.

Dillon was shocked by this and slowly walked toward his parents towels contemplating what his sister had just said to him.

Did she really mean that? Does she actually want to jerk me off? Is she really going to jerk me off tonight? Do I want my sister to jerk me off? All these questions circled in Dillon’s mind until he had finally reached the towels. He figured he’d just forget about it and continue on the day. He’d deal with the sexual tension between he and his sister when the time came.