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Paybacks are hell

2022-07-04 00:24:24

Paybacks are hell – Original lemon by MISTER BIG T

This story contains a transsexual, rape, and dominance. If that’s not your “thing”, look away now.

It was only days until the school prom. It would be decided who would be crowned the dance queen of that year. It wasn’t only a great honor; the winner would receive a study diploma worth 100 euros.

A 24-year-old girl named Anna was a big favorite as the winning candidate. She was absolutely perfect. She had long black hair, a pretty face, nice long legs; everything about her was just perfect. Expect for one thing, none of them were real. She was a transsexual and all of her beauty had been gained from hormone pills and the operations she went through to become a woman. However, the final operation to remove her cock was very expensive and she would not able to afford it, unless she was crowned as the winner and got the prize money.

Unknown to her, one girl had learnt of her secret. Mary, age 20. She was bad at school and really didn’t care for studying. She would rather have just married some rich bastard and make him support her. This plan could actually work since Mary was absolutely gorgeous. She had bright red hair with black stripes. She had a slim body with skin resembling that of the tastiest cream filling. She also had a natural D cup that she was very proud of. It was as though she was from some book about teen rebellion, and she had that certain charm you’d not see in innocent girls. She hatched a plan to gain advantage on “miss popular.”

It would be a decision that she’d regret years from now…


Mary had been following Anna for nearly the whole day. She had waited for the girl to go into the bathroom. Mary had brought a camera with her so she could take pictures.

Somewhat after lunch break, Mary noticed Anna leaving for the toilets. She immediately followed her and entered the bathroom stall right next to Anna’s.

“Heads up!” she suddenly yelled as she slid down to the other stall.

Anna had no time to react as Mary immediately took several pictures of her exposed cock.

“Oh God!!! Please give that to me!!” she begged.
Mary grinned as she got to her feet and shoved the camera into her bra “Nope you won’t get it.”
Anna dropped on her knees and grabbed onto Mary’s feet “ Please give it to me, I'll do anything! I'll do your homework, I'll tell everyone to vote you, anything, just please don't tell anyone!!”
“Drop out of the competition,” Mary replied.
“F-fine...” Anna whimpered as she began to walk out after she had put her skirt and panties back in place.

Mary was smiling -- her plan was working so well.

Just then, Anna locked the door and spun around, trying to wrestle the camera from Mary.

“Let go of my camera!” she yelled as she punched Anna.

Even though the punch hurt her, Anna did not drop the camera. In fact she tore Mary’s blouse open slightly, making her cover herself and push Anna away. She then grabbed the camera back to herself and attempted to run towards the door. However, Anna grabbed her from her sides and pulled her real close to herself.

“Don't be trying to kick me in the balls; that shit never works outside of TV,” she mocked Mary.

Mary, however, tried to kick but to no avail as Anna had said. She only managed to lose her balance and Anna was able to pin her to the floor. Anna wrestled Mary’s camera to herself and tore Mary’s blouse completely off as well as some of her skirt.

“Let me go!!!” Mary screamed as she tried to cover herself.
“Scream all you want bitch. You know that no one will come here at this hour and your voice can’t carry through the walls,” Anna yelled at her.

Mary started to scream and kick even harder, hoping she’d land a kick to a sensitive spot.

Anna just calmly ripped Mary’s bra off. “Damn, you’ve got some nice boobies,” she laughed as she began to remove Mary’s panties.

Just as Anna loosened her grip to rip off more of Mary’s clothes, Mary quickly got up and tried to run out of the bathroom. However, as she was trying to open the lock, Anna was able to tackle her, pinning her to the ground again. This time she forced the girl to sit on her erection that was poking through, underneath her skirt. Mary gave a scream as her anal virginity was stolen in mere seconds as the cock entered.

“Yeah scream! That'll turn me on even more!” Anna mocked her as she snapped several photos with her other hand.

Immediately Mary slapped the camera out from Anna’s hands. It landed down on the floor but Anna did not stop. She began to push her up her cock, as she began to rub her pussy. Mary screamed and moaned from the pain, as Anna stretched her ass. She begged and pleaded for her to get out of her ass.

“I don't think you really want me to stop. Look at your pussy, it’s getting wet,” Anna spoke as she raised her hand from Mary’s pussy for her to see, before putting it back.
Mary moaned as she touched it and she screamed, “Stop please stop!! It really hurts!!!”
“Sure, since you ask so nicely,” Anna replied and, without a pause, she suddenly thrust her hard member into Mary’s pussy while raising her left leg a bit. “You like that, huh? I bet you do, you little whore…“ she murmured into Mary’s ear as she began to rub her tits, pinching the nipples.

Mary gave a squeal as Anna pinched them, then screamed as she started to pump harder and faster

“Mmm, you're so tight... Am I your first?” Anna moaned as she licked her lips.

Mary weakly nodded as her cherry was popped. Anna took few more pictures of herself fucking Mary before putting the camera down.

“So, here's the deal: you'll now be my bitch from now on. You can talk to everyone about me being transsexual if you want. It won’t help you once I show the pictures of you. Then no one will believe anything you say. I've also taken the pictures at angles that won't reveal that it is me doing it, but make it clear that it's you being fucked. Do I make myself clear you fucking cocksucker?” Anna asked while having a devilish grin.
Mary whimpered and cried a little but then sobbed “Who are you gonna show it to? Your friends?”
“Everyone including your family and your friends. Perhaps not directly but via mail. Perhaps via friend. Trust me, I have my ways.” Anna replied.
“Please don’t.... Please…” Mary cried out with the tears blurring her vision.
Without showing any sympathy Anna continued, “So, you'll be my bitch then?”
“I’ll do anything just don’t show it to anyone…“ Mary weakly responded.
“Okay. First things first.” Anna spoke as she pulled her cock out of Mary’s tight, juicy pussy. “You made it dirty. Clean it, my pet.”

Mary looked at Anna’s cock, disgusted, as she got down on her knees and started to lick it clean.

Anna rubbed her hair and moaned a little “That's it...Good.”

Mary licked all the traces of her blood and juices off Anna’s cock, trying her best not to miss a single spot.

“Okay. Now, I have another kind of a task for you. I want you to bend against the wall with your ass facing me,” Anna spoke as she stroked her erect member.

Marry got up and bent against the wall as she was told. To her surprise, Anna began to lick her ass a bit to get it ready and then inserted the cock, very slowly, and gently this time making Mary gasp. Anna then began to pump in and out of it, in a slowly increasing tempo. She grabbed Mary from her sides as she pounded her ass and kissed her neck. Anna then slowed down the tempo and moved her hands to gently caress Mary’s pussy, playing with it. Mary started to moan a little, her entire body hitting the wall each time Anna slid in and out of her.

Suddenly Anna pulled her penis out and slowly raised Mary onto the cock, making her ride it. Mary began to grind against her cock, as Anna started to pull and push her up and down. Mary moved with the hands, slowly picking up speed.

“You like it?” Anna taunted the girl.

Much to her surprise the girl actually gave a nod. Just then, Anna suddenly kissed her, not a forced kiss this time, but a rather passionate kiss as she continued pumping into her pussy.

“I am gonna cum soon,” she murmured.
Mary kissed her back passionately and said, “You’re the mistress, cum where you want to…”

And so, Anna came deep and hard into Mary’s pussy, making the girl gasp when she felt Anna’s cum inside her... A small puddle of Anna’s cum formed on the floor as it slowly dripped down from Mary’s pussy.

Mary became Anna’s whore. She was forced into many devious sex acts whenever her mistress would want so. Despite Mary not wanting to admit it, she actually started to enjoy it over time.

The end?