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The Abduction Chamber: Part 1

2022-10-20 00:51:20

The last thing I remember before getting taken away was falling asleep.
I stripped out of my work clothes (I'm a waitress, down at the diner on Ferdinand and 69th), and pulled on some new lingerie for my boyfriend. I work nights at this little club downtown where I met Randy, and we've been hitting the bed every night since I can remember. I slipped into these tiny black lace panties, through which you can just see the nice round shape of my pink, thin pussy lips and little clit, and a nightshirt made of black lace that you can clearly make out my bouncing breasts and perky pink nipples. I tossed my long brown hair into a ponytail and waited on the bed for Randy to come back to the hotel room. That's when I began to drift off to sleep, about a half hour after I realized he wasn't going to be there. Little did I know, they had already taken care of Randy. It was my turn next.
I should have checked the windows before I went to sleep. I should have locked the door, but I was just too damn stupid. I fell asleep right there, my hand over my waist and the other behind my head. I could at least have been more careful where my breasts were hanging. But no, I'm a fool who thinks life is safe every waking moment. Now I realize how wrong I was.
I was dreaming about sex, as I have been a lot lately. Randy really did have that affect on me, he was one incredible lover. Randy was touching me, and the soft wind blowing through my window was caressing my exposed nipples, the cold breeze making them hard and perky. His hands slowly dragged across my clit and his finger was in between my pussy lips, just how I like it. He kissed me passionately, his tounge and mine entwined around each other like wet snakes, and our lips smacking as we embraced. His bulge was hard against his thin underwear, I could feel it pushing gently at my asshole as he slid onto me. He was touching me so fiercely now, grabbing my breasts with his strong hands, silencing my mouth and lifting me up with him in an embrace so tight it was almost painful.
Then, I realized someone was touching me. But it wasn't Randy.
The cool breeze from my window had been real. It was open, and someone was lifting me up over their shoulders, past where any normal cock was or should be. I tried to open my eyes, but I still felt drowsy. I could hear voices. Maybe I was dreaming.
"This bitch is perfect." A woman.
"I can't wait to use this one." A man.
I was jarred suddenly, tossed like a sack of potatoes onto a surface, something hard, and I began to move. I tried to open my mouth.
"She's waking up," said the woman again.
"Pound her," another man grunted. Something hit me hard over the head. I don't remember after that.

I was brutally awakened when the truck stopped moving. Large hands shook me awake, making my shoulders hurt as they shook me. I felt colder, and didn't know where I was.
"Randy?" I asked.
"Not anymore, bitch." Somebody slapped me, hard and long, first across my face and then across my tits. I was scared to death.
"What? W-where am I?"
"Shut up, you slut."
I opened my eyes.
I was hanging from the ceiling of a small, concrete room. My arms were straight upwards towards the ceiling, bound tight with what appeared to be thick, heavy rope, and looped many times around the steel beams. My legs were tied too, the ropes that bound me were staked into the concrete floor with steel nails, and the ropes were wrapped tightly, looped three of four times around each stake and tightly fastened. I struggled, trying to move my arms and legs, but nothing happened. I was stuck fast, my heart racing and panicking out of control. I struggled and screamed, screamed loud and hard, but it didn't appear anyone was coming to rescue me. I was alone. Thank god I was still wearing clothes, although they were skimpy and not much help.
Everything seemed to be spinning. There were three faces in front of me. Two belonged to women, one belonged to a man.
The first woman wore a short black dress made of leather and high-heeled black boots up the her thighs. She had long black hair and a tongue piercing. I could tell because she was licking her perfect red lips with an expression of hunger on her slender face. She carried a whip in her gloved fingers.
The second woman was prettier than the first by far, She had wide blue eyes and long blond hair, but her lips were painted darkly. She wore almost nothing, a skimpy bra that barely covered both nipples and was connected with string, and a small pair of panties that rode up her ass crack and dug into her wet pussy. She had huge breasts. I wanted to feel them, to lick them so badly. My night sex drive was growing in my stomach, and in my pussy, so much so that my pussy lips itched and my pussy was growing wet. I was scared. I didn't want to feel excited this way.

The last of the group was a tall black man, strong and wearing army pants and boots. The scariest thing about him was the fact that he didn't care how much of him was exposed to me. I was so frightened that I began to scream. I didn't want to be raped. I could see his thick ebony cock stretching against his pants, and his teeth were bared in an expression of ferocity and pleasure. He spoke first.

"Don't make any more noise, or I will gag you. You don't want me to do that, do you, bitch?"
"N-no," I said. "Please..."
"Look at her," the blond said, with a hint of lust. "She's begging already." Her tounge ran over her pink lips in a gesture of want.
"Don't beg unless I say you can," the other girl spat.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" My eyes were wide.
"We just want to have a little fun with you, don't we?" The black man stepped closer to me, making me nervous. He pulled a knife from the other man's belt loop. My voice began to get higher, more trembling.
"What are you doing with that?"
"Oh, don't worry. This is the least of your troubles. "The man was face to face with me now, and then he moved behind me. His hands moved over my waist, the cold metal of the knife skimming my belly button and then coming up to the straps of my nightie. "You see, slave, we need to have you good and naked before we can play with you. And you want us to play with you, don't you."
"No!" I cried. " Get away from me!"
The girl with the black hair came up to me, and without warning she lashed the whip cleanly across my cunt. I screamed with pain, the white hot lash had scorched my skin. My pussy was in a frenzy. She whipped me again, this time across my tits. "What did you say?" She screamed.
"I s-said no..."
"Oh, you said no? Too bad!" The girl whipped me again, three times fast across my red nipples. I screamed again, this time louder, begging for her to let me rest. I could feel them growing hard and aroused under all the pain. "Strip her, Julius, and I'll show her real pain."
"Oh, I will," Julius said. "But I'm gonna do it nice and slow."

He took the cold, sharp point of the knife and started tracing the tip of my nipples with it, threatening to cut them. My tits became hard, aroused by this special attention. "No, no, please don't touch me there..." I begged, closing my eyes. I couldn't help it...what he was doing felt so good.

"Your body betrays you," he said, walking closer to me. The others sneered at me, and I burned red with embarrassment and anger. I hated that I liked it. But I could feel my juices crawling from my pussy already. One thing was for certain, I did not want him to strip me. But already it was happening. Julius ran his finger over my nipple now, pinching it and fondling it forcefully, and I let out a soft moan.

"Look at her. The little slut is getting aroused from just a bit of fondling," laughed the pretty blond.

"I knew she would be a good one," said the other man. "Julius, get her naked already so that I can fuck her."

"Patience, my friend. You'll get your chance." Julius turned to me, one hand still on my nightshirt and the other holding the knife that was slowly cutting the straps of my only top. "Now, let's see those pretty tits of yours, my dear. You want me to cut off your clothes, don't you?"

"No! I don't want you to! Please stop!" I screamed like a little girl. I couldn't stand it.

"Oh, but it sounds like you do," he said. One strap snapped. I could feel it slide down, exposing most of my right breast. "That's nice... now the other one..." he cut the other strap. It fell away. I was one tear away from having my top half completely exposed. I struggled, but couldn't move. Julius took one hand, placed it forcefully on the top of my lingerie nightie and tore it in half. My aroused breasts popped out excitedly, the nipple twice the size they had been a moment ago. The voyeurism was making me so horny that I could hardly stand it.

"Mmm, what lovely breasts you have," said Julius, moving in close so that his face was right next to mine, I shuddered and tried to pull away. Every nerve in my body was on fire when he reached out a large hand and started to play with my breasts. He carefully traced my nipples, licking his finger and running the wet tip over my hard tits. I moaned involuntarily as he played with me. I could feel my pussy quivering beneath my panties, burning with heat and unwanted desires. I was disgusted and yet so aroused...

"She does want it...ooh..." The sight of me being abused and touched by Julius seemed to be arousing the blond girl. She ran a long-fingered hand over her thigh, skimming the straps of her own panties.

"No...no.." I moaned, trying to cover up the lust in my voice. "Please...stop..."

"Keep begging, bitch," he said gruffly. "It turns me on." I tried to stop moaning and grunting and groaning, but I was too aroused. "Don't worry," he whispered. "I'll remove your panties quickly so we can get started."

"Oh god," I moaned. "Please, please don't touch my pussy!" I made another violent struggle against the ropes, as he drew the cold knife under the straps of my panties. First one, then the other was cut. And as I struggled, the fabric slid away...

"Look at that clit!" hooted the blond. "She's so big already!" It was true, my clitoris was twice its' normal size already. My body was so extremely sensitive that even after a bit of strong touching i was ready for action. Julius took advantage of this by poking and pulling my clit, making me tremble and moan as he caressed me. I could feel my pussy juices flowing from my lips. A droplet fell into the floor with a loud splat. The blond crawled over and licked it up greedily, then stared up between my legs. "Leave us alone," she whispered hungrily to the other two. "I want her first."

"Well, you found her, so sure, why don't you take her first," Julius sneered. "Have fun, my pet." He and the black-haired girl turned their backs and walked out of the caged room, locking the door shut behind them.