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The Party's Over

2022-09-24 00:19:40

The party’s over

The year 2012

It was a warm early spring weekend when Jeanie’s dad made the big announcement. He had decided to retire early on his 55th birthday which was coming up soon. Stating that he was going to take Jean’s mother on a trip around the world!
But how this news was received was not what was expected. Ann is wife, didn’t want to travel she hated going anyplace outside of her small comfort zone.
Having been married for the last thirty years he should have know this, but he thought that this would help to bring her out of her shell instead it drove her to be even more of a recluse.

The ensuing fight led to Ben moving out of the house and then totally dispersing, leaving Jean living with her mother who was becoming more and more unstable each passing day.

Trip to NY
Jeanie friend Deborah had suggested that she should get way for a while.
So it was decided that they would take a trip to the big apple and take in a show on Broadway. Deborah offered to drive.
They headed down on a Saturday morning arriving in the city in time to be able to do some shopping and have a rather expensive dinner in a upscale restaurant. After the show they capped the evening off by hitting a trendy nightclub.
The hotel was only a short walk from the bar and that was a good thing because neither one was in any condition to be behind a wheel. Singing one of the tunes from the show they stumbled up to their room .
Collapsing on to the king size bed Jeanie was sound asleep with minutes.

A short while latter she started to dream.
His warm body nestled behind her enveloping her with his strong arms.
The heat from his body spooning behind her enhanced her senesces.
One hand cupped her left breast holding all of its firmness within his fingers. The other hand slowly stroked her auburn hair twirling small ringlets in her long tresses.
Rhythmically squeezing her breast his fingers began to kneed her nipple stimulating a resolute response.
Moving down from her hair the other hand started to trace little curlicues down her far side, then leading to her taut abdomen. Skipping the light fandango down to her heart of gold

Slowly coming back to reality Jeanie realized that the hand in her pussie wasn’t that of her phantom lover but it belonged to Deborah.

Jumping out of bed with a screech Jeanie threw her stuff in her suitcase and left the room with out a word.

It was still the middle of the night when she got
Down to the lobby and really nowhere to go so she just sat on the couch and started to cry.
The Old lady at the night desk noticed after a while and went over to see what was wrong
Choking back tears Jeanie explained her dilemma the night clerk offered that she could spend the rest of the night in the safety of the break room .

A Train ride to Boston
On her way to grand central station she passed a used book store.
Popping in Jeanie browses for something to read on the train ride back to Boston. Spying a title that sounded interesting she Buys the paperback book “On the beach” by Nevil Shute.

The train was not very full, it being midday Sunday finding a section with a few empty seats Jeanie settled down and started to read.

She had that uneasy feeling. The kind when the hairs on the back of your neck kinda rises up.
She could feel that someone was staring at her. And it made her shiver as it sent a cold chill down her spine!

She glanced over at him he was texting on his phone The creep probably had already taken her picture and was sending it to his friends.
When he was sure that she was looking at him he asked.
“What are you doing?”
“ I’m reading a novel.
It’s a book , you know what a book is don’t you?
It’s made of paper with words printed on them with ink. A book can be quite enjoyable to read if people leave you alone...”
She buried her nose back in the book ignoring him.

He sat tall in the seat she guessed that he must have been about 6’3”tall, almost a foot taller than herself.
His hair was perfect and she would have sworn that it look like he was wearing makeup he just looked to perfect. He seemed to extrude an aura that he was in love with himself. And when he smiled at her the sun hit his teeth with a glint.

After a while he got up and left. Giving a sigh of relief she settled back down to enjoy her book, but all too soon he returned carrying two cups of coffee. To her total dismay he sat down next to her and handed her one of the coffees
“I didn’t know how you liked yours so I went light on the cream and sugar..”
“You don’t recognize me do you, you’re not from around here ?
I’m Richard littlehead the evening TV sports anchor on news center 1 in Boston.”
“Sorry, I’m not interested in spectator sports and don’t watch TV. I prefer my sports be the hands on type , tennis golf or skiing that short of thing.”
When Rick heard “hands on” his eyebrows went up and Jeanie knew right away that she had said the wrong thing.

Out side of south station he hailed a cab for Jeanie.
Holding the door for her he then handed her, her suitcase with the airline tag on it. Then turned to the driver handing him a C note said “Take this young lady were ever she would like to go.” He gave her a bow as the cab drove off.

Arriving at her mother’s she got out of the cab and headed up the stairs to the front door but something didn’t feel right it seemed to quite. Turning the knob she found the door locked she rang the bell but got no answer
digging around in her purse she found her keys but the house key wouldn’t fit in the lock. upon closer examination it could be seen that the lock had been changed.
“Shit what else can go wrong?” she exclaimed as she sat down on the stoop .wondering how long it would be before her mother got home.
Sitting there it accrued to her that maybe one of the windows might be ajar and she could get in that way.

Looking in the window of the living room she was shocked to see it was empty, stepping back, a letter sticking out of the mail slot caught her eye.
Retrieving it revealed that it has addressed to her. From the law office of James j Suckmeoff

She read the letter and after wading through all the legalese it boiled down to her mother had sold the house and had moved out and she didn’t want to be contacted. Also Jeanie had 24houres to get her belongings out of the garage and vacate the premises

Stumbling down the stairs and heading around to the garage she discovered the door to be unlocked. Entering she found piled next to her car was all that she now owned in the world , boxes of clothes a few pieces of furniture and her electronics.
Opening the door to her car she slumped down on the front seat and wept.

The next morning Jeanie called her boss and tried to explain why she would be late . Her boss said for her to come in and see her as soon as she finished moving her stuff to a U store it place, she thought she know someone that could help.

Jeanie got to the ad agency later in the afternoon and went right in to see Margie her boss .

“Well I do have some good news for you. I have a aunt she’s about 70 years old and a widow and she has been looking for someone to rent her spare bedroom. She went on to explain that the house was rather old and small but she might like it’s location ,
It was on acorn street up on beacon hill .
Jeanie was thrilled with this news

Jeanie then went on to tell Margie what else happened that weekend how great the shopping was. She had picked up a sexy little red dress that she just loved . Then how enjoyable the show was, followed by disastrous results of Deborah advances . Ending with the story about Rick on the train and how he reminded her of Jethro Bodine.

Apartment on Bacon hill
Acorn street is a quaint little street its one lane is paved with cobblestones bordered by brick paved sidewalks dating back to the 1820s Delicate row houses line one side, and on the other are the doors to Mt. Vernon's hidden gardens.
The only drawback that Jeanie could find was that there was no parking on the street. She did find a spot at the Charles St Parking Garage a few blocks away.
Shortly after moving to Acorn street Jeanie started to get a plethora of Emails in her junk folder.
Her curiosity eventually got the better of her and pretermitting her better judgment.
She finally opened one to find it was from Rick, that asshole on the train.

It was a poem , she open an other one and it also was a poem they all were poem, love poems . Some she recognized other she didn’t but it became clear that none were original. It was like he musta had the book love poem for dummies
One day she mentioned the poems to her boss, And how no one had ever sent her that kind of thing before but why did it have to be him.
“You know it would be a real feather in my cap to get that TV station as a client, would it be that deleterious to go out with him a few times?”
“NO WAY he got all the charisma of the Affleck duck (Gilbert Gottfried) !!”
“Look I’m not saying marry the guy, just schmooze him a little. There could be a big promotion in it for you.”
Jeanie thought it over for a few days and finally answered one of his emails, opening the floodgates .
Soon he was calling, texting and emailing all hours of the day .

For their first date they met down on the Common over near the swan boats.
After strolling in the park for the Saturday afternoon they made there way over to the Park street Station and took the subway to government center station then walking to Faneuil hall marketplace for dinner at Durgin park the restaurant that’s been around for almost 200 years opening in 1827.

One day a couple of weeks later Jeanie asked
“When we ride the T you always seem to be looking around for someone, Is it anyone that I might know?”

“ Well if you must know, it’s my grandfather, Charlie.
He got on at the Kendall square station heading for the old Howard in Scullery square.
But he never returned . For years my farther searched for him at first around Scullery square and then after it was razed to put in the new government center. And the book stores and clubs migrated downtown. So he hung out in the Combat zone, but they never did find him.
For years there has been rumors that there is an old ghost riding the train beneath the streets of Boston. I hope someday to see him, Maybe he could be grandpa Charlie.

One afternoon after getting back from a late lunch Jeanie found a box sitting on her desk
Opening it revealed her belonging that she left in the New York hotel room when she had walked out on Deborah

It wasn’t until the fifth date that Rick was finally ably to persuade Jeanie to go back to his apartment.

Driving like a madman across the city his true colors shown through . having a type A personality he couldn’t comprehend why everyone wouldn’t get out of his way,

Rick’s apartment was a total disaster area it didn’t look like it had been cleaned it a year, there were pizza boxes and beer cans strewn about and dust so thick you could write your name in it.
The smell was a mix of old sox, stale beer and burnt pizza .
Surveying the seen Jeanie thought to her self that she had seen frat houses that were better kempt then this.
Brushing the clutter aside he made space for them to sit on the couch. Drawing Jeanie closer Rick leaned in and started to kiss her, tenderly at first then rapidly progressing onto lust .
Pressing his lips firmly against hers in short order his tongue entered her mouth.
His hands shot up and down her back searching for what he did not know . Settling on the buttons of her dress, dislodging them one by one. Locating the claps in the middle of her back impatient fingers fumbled with it fruitlessly before it inevitably gave up its bounty.
Pushing the dress off her shoulders and down to her waist. Rick dove in engulfing her right tit in one fell swoop sucking on it like a Binky . This had a calming effect on him and he seemed contented to suckle briefly.

Reanimated he devoured the other breast like it was his last meal. The onslaught had brought on mixed feeling in Jeanie of pain and pleasure , of disgust and euphoria. Biting down hard Jeanie swooned from the pain. Seeing her fall limp Rick scooped her up an transported her to his bedroom
Slipping her dress off before depositing her on the bed in only her panties Rick steeped back and drank in her intoxicating beauty. Shedding his clothes he quickly lay down next to her svelte body on the bed.

Rolling her on to her stomach he began to massage her back starting up at her shoulders an slowly descending down her back.
“That feels nice, please go back up a little higher yes that the spot right there.”

Jeanie gave out a long sigh as Rick continued to kneed her back. Eventually working his way down to her panties slipping two fingers under the waistband.

She raise up her butt and he was able to slip them down her legs. While he was doing this her hand had snaked out and located his not so little Richard caressing it fondly .
Rolling over on her back she looked up into Rick’s and smiled.
Repositioning himself to the class of 69.
Plunging in to her.
As he sally forth Jeanie reached out with her tongue for his dick licking it like a red and white striped candy cane.
He began to work his magic with his lingua working it like there was no tomorrow .
Concentrating his main assault on her clit stimulating
Her primeval desires. Her hips began to involuntary thrust upward to greet his tongue.

Her tongue twiddle upon the head of his cock, her concentration diverted by his onslaught.
Finally she cried out “Enough, enough I can‘t take any more!”
As she clamped her thighs’ down on his head forcing him to retreat in self preservation.

Jeanie lay panting on the bed as Rick got up and went over to the dresser scattering the clutter revealed what he was looking for.
Tearing the packet open with his teeth, but then stopped and set it down picking up a marker and wrote something on his calendar hanging on the wall.
Retrieving what he had dropped he ripped it open and adorned himself with a shiny new raincoat .
Reverting back to his early position he gently nudged her legs apart steadying himself on his elbows and knees.
Rubbing the head of his little brain on her quite bedew pussie gradually parting her lips.
Jeanie moaned deeply as he descended within her .
Buried to the hilt he rested his weight evenly down upon her as mother nature programming kicked in.
There lips locked and tongues battled for supremacies , beads of sweet formed and pooled making squishing sounds as he bottomed out on her .
Breath now coming in short gapes as a orgasm hit them like a tsunami.

There love making had cummed to an end .
As Rick rolled off her he Said “that was great !” rested his head on the pillow and then promptly falling asleep. Leaving Jeanie there alone staring at the cracks and water stains on the ceiling.

The next morning Jeanie awoke around 6 am to find him soundly asleep and probably would stay that way until at lease 10am. Working until midnight this was his norm.
She left Rick a note stating that there was a family emergence and a friend had picked her up .
It was a pleasant morning for a walk but still
Jeanie swore to herself that she wouldn’t allow herself to be shanghaied again. From now on she was gone to be the one to drive!

Trip to the cape
Jeanie picked up her car at the Charles St Parking Garage giving Marvin, the parking attendant a kiss on the cheek hopping that maybe it would cheer up the old man, he always seemed so depressed.

She picked Rick at his apartment she felt in control, he had lost his license on account of his unique driving.

Rick’s plan was to get Jeanie out on one of the secluded sand dunes around midnight and make love to her. the trouble was there’s not to many secluded places on the Cape during the 4th of July week.
Furthermore he hadn’t taken to consideration how bad the bugs are at night.
Caring a blanket and a leather wine pouch they headed out for a stroll in the full moonlight

“Do you see what I see?”
“Up there , A star.”
“A star?”
“A star dancing in the sky with a tail as big as a kite!”
“A tail as big as a kite?”

“Do you hear what I hear ringing through the night
“What ?”
“The tide the tide .”
“The tide ?”
“High above the beach
“With a voice as big as the sea.”

Then they both started to laugh!

“That’s a comet, And it’s huge, where the hell did it come from? I don’t remember hearing anything about one coming .”
“It’s beautiful, The tail is so blue. It’s seems to be getting closer, Look! Shit It’s, it’s heading right for the moon !!”
“Your right It certainly looks that way .”

A chill blew over them as they sat at the top of the dune . Rick picked up the blanket and wrapped it around them to thwart off the cold The sound of the tide coming in was almost a defying roared

For the next hour they held each other in a tight embrace. The comet grew closer at an alarming rate.
Looking as if it was going to pass right by but suddenly veered and went straight toward the moon
But it didn’t hit the directly , It kinda glanced off it and then got caught in the moon’s gravitational pull circling the moon.

After there vacation on the cape Rick took off for the summer Olympics in London and wouldn’t be back until the middle of August.
Jeanie didn’t hear much from him during this time he was so wrapped up in the games he tended to forget about her Also the eye candy was overwhelming his senses .
After he returned they planed a trip

Down east for the week preceding the labor day holiday

They caught the downeaster train at north station.
Their first stop was Portland Maine After finding a hotel they setoff to explore the city. Checking out the quaint little shop in the old port and arts district which lead them down to the waterfront and Dimillo’s floating restaurant where they had lunch. After they ate Rick wanted to go to the narrow gauge railway museum just a short walk to the east up Commercial St, to fore street.

After spending the afternoon there they took a cab over to Hadlock Field to see the Portland Sea Dogs. The double A minor league affiliate of the Boston Red sox.

The next day it was back on the train for just a short hop up to Freeport . Storing there bags at the station it was just a short walk up the hill to L.L.Beens
From there the train took them to Brunswick where they had to change train .
The end of the line was Rockland.
Rick not knowing Maine that well didn’t realize that they still had a ways to go to get to Mount Desert Island.
Walking to the far end of the station and still not seeing any signs of a connecting route
“why don’t you ask someone for directions ?”
“Real men don’t ask for directions, besides who would I ask everyone here looks like a tourists and as lost as we are.”
“How about that old feller over there ?”
Rick looked to were Jeanie was pointing, there was an old guy who must have been pushing 90 sitting on a park bench next to him was a small paper bag that he put his hand in and withdrew something and popped it in his mouth, his gaze was set on a group of young girls playing near him. They approached the old geezer
“Excuse me could you tell us how to get to Mount Desert Island?”
The old man looked up at them then slowly picked up the bag and held it up in offering.
“ Jelly Babies ?”

“Ayuh Now lets see You could take the ferry NO that stopped going there back in 54, what about the train, hmm nope twoah up the tracks in 1967, come to think of it "You cahn't get theyah from heeah"
And with that he went back to his favorite pastime. Arunt they just wicked cunnin .

After renting a car and driving two and a half hours they eventually arrived at Mount Desert Island
In Bar Harbor Jeanie pulled in to the Bluenose Inn the hotel they had booked their rooms at.

That night after dinner back in there room.

“What the FUCKS wrong with you? No way am I going to let you fuck me on top of Cadillac
mountain at sunrise! Do you have any idea how fucking cold it is up there, you want me to lie on the fucking ground and freeze my fucking ass off just so you can get your rocks off. NO FUCKING WAY!!!
SEX isn’t a game to see how many ways you can score!!”

They came to a compromise tomorrow they would sightsee and shop and then late at night they would go up the mountain to see the full moon on August 31st .

August that year had two full moons and for the first time in mans history this second full moon gave a hole new meaning to the term blue moon you could accurately see water on the moon.

When the comet hit the moon it caused it to start to rotate , sucking the comet down to the surface of the moon this also pushed the moons orbit a little closer to the earth.

Unbeknownst to the general public when the comet passed through the asteroid belt it picked up a hitchhiker.

There relationship had been a bit rocky as the fall progressed. Rick was always going off to some game somewhere out of town almost every week leaving her alone on the weekends.

The Christmas party December 21 2012
The TV station was having it’s “ Happy holidays celebration” at one of the large hotels in town the one with the sky walk connecting the old building with the new part
Jeanie had decided to wear the little red dress that she bought on her trip to New York and to go with it she also purchased a pair of Red high platform shoes, they added almost five inches to her height
With these shoes they didn’t look like Mutt and Jeff.

THE party was in the ballroom on the top floor with a great view of the city.
The moon was almost full already and was brightly illuminating the city.

“Let’s go out on the roof I want to get a better look around.”
“wait, I need my coat it’s going be cold and windy out there.”
They wonder around looking down at the all the holiday decorations through out the metropolitan area . Rich then turned his attention to the harbor pointing off to the east “Look you can see all the way to Hull.”
“Did you know that there was an amusement park out there It was called Paragon Park, It closed the year I was born. My farther use to go there, he loved ride the Comet. It was the a wooden Roller Coaster.” Jeanie reminisced bringing on feeling of remorse.

“Is’ it me or is it getting brighter ?
SHIT LOOK BEHIND THE MOON!! it’s a huge meteor it was hiding behind the moon!” Rick exclaimed

Just then someone came running out onto the roof “They Just announced that the meteor was heading straight for us, hurry run!!!”

“What the FUCK does he mean RUN Were do we run to if we gonna die what difference does it make were we are .”
With that Rick Got up on the ledge Shaking his fist at the sky “YOU NOT GONNA GET ME I’LL GONING OUT ON MY TERMS!!
I can’t stand too lose to anyone, or anything!”

With that a strong gust of wind blew, Rick lost his balance. Reaching out toward Jeanie he grabbed her coat but she had only draped over her shoulders and it slipped right off her as he fell over the side taking her coat with him
Jeanie Just stood there dumbfounded and in shock.

The worlds about to end and still all you could think about was yourself.

What about me, what about me?”

The ballroom was nearly empty When Jeanie went back in side shivering from the cold. walking out on the skywalk she sat down on small bench.
The gravity of the situation began to strike her .
Sitting there she began to cry.

“Miss, Miss don’t you have someone you want to be with?”
Jeanie looked through blurry eyes at the person who was addressing her. And her hart nearly stopped brushing her tears aside .
“Daddy, Daddy this that really you ?” she cried jumping up and giving big hug .

“No child I’m sorry I’m not, he said with a wink steeping back to look her in the eye. Are you alone?”
“I was with someone but he is gone now.
He leaned back in and gave her a kiss on the cheek .
Please when you see my daddy tell him I love him.”

“Come on JIM we’ve got to go, NOW .” the woman next to him said as she started to lead him away
Jeanie sat back down on the bench looking at the floor not noticing Deborah and her new girlfriend pass by. on the other side of the walkway.
Suddenly the sky grew much lighter Jeanie raised her head and looked over her right shoulder at the same moment Benjamin looked back at Jeanie with a teardrop in his eye.

The sky grew as light as in the dawn of a new day but in actuality it was dawn of a new ice age

Lowing her head back down and clutching it with her hands in her lap she cried out.
“The party’s over.”