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The Ugly Duckling Pt. 1

2023-01-20 21:55:23

Have you ever heard the story of the ugly duckling? The one that is bullied around by the other kids because it is different or ugly but in the end turns into a beautiful swan?
Yeah I guess that’s me in some way. Although I never turned into a beautiful swan nor did my appearance changed over the time, I turned into something else by getting to know my desires and how to please them.
Today I don’t care what people think when they look at me. If they find me attractive or if I’m sexy. This is the story about how I turned from an ugly duckling into a self confident bitch.

First let me introduce me: My name is Lina. I’m 24 years old and I’m living in Germany. My dad is a former U.S. Army Sergeant who married my mother, a German, during his deployment in Germany. When his service ended they decided to stay in Germany, so although I’m a U.S. citizen I was raised in Germany. As we lived offsite the base, I attended German schools and sports clubs. I really like sports, especially athletics and basketball.

I think like most girls in the world I became aware of my sexuality when I hit puberty. Like the other girls in my class or my sport teams I started to get my monthlies around the age of 14 and started growing that little bit of fuzzy hair on my pussy. But what didn’t start growing were my tits. While the other girls were getting at first small and puffy and then bigger tits, mine seemed to keep hiding.
So when the boys around started looking at girls they ignored me almost completely. And while my teammates started dating boys I was left all by myself. I heard them talking in the shower after training about the things they were doing with their boyfriends. About the games of ‘spin the bottle’, ‘truth or dare’ they played at the parties I was never invited to. I heard them talking about getting laid for the first time and while we were standing under the shower after training I watched the developing bodies in despair.
So by the age of 16, while my friends were getting fucked I was sitting at home, masturbating and watching porn on the internet.

Everything changed in the summer before my 17th birthday. My basketball team was invited to a weekend tournament. That meant our team went there on Friday evening for camping while the tournament itself would start on Saturday until Sunday evening. Those weekend tournaments usually were a lot of fun. With no parents around, camping always included BBQs in the evening along with beer and liquor, which in most cases was tolerated by the trainers. It was also a chance to get to know new boys, especially at mixed tournaments like this one.
After arriving on Friday in the late afternoon, me and Julia, one of my teammates put up the tent along with the others and then prepared for the evening welcome party. Julia was 17, 5’’7’ tall, about 130 lbs, with beautiful long brown hair, tainted silky skin, long slim legs and wonderful 34C cups. We knew each other for 4 years now and I definitely adored her. The way she looked and even more how the boys looked at her. She was dating a guy from the boy’s basketball team, always telling me how good he was in bed and how she enjoyed being fucked. Since the boy’s team was also participating in the tournament I assumed she was eager for a weekend of sports, party and sexual pleasures.
As we were sitting inside the tent we were wondering what clothes to wear for the evening. Julia, sitting next to me in nothing else then a black lacy string, was pulling out different outfits out of her bag.
“How many of those outfits have you brought?” I asked her, starring at her firm round tits.
“I don’t know” she said, smiling at me. “I just grabbed al the sexy stuff out of my closet.”
“But what do you need it for?” I replied “The only thing Markus will care about is, how easy you can get out of your clothes and not how they look.”
Julia looked at me angry. “Fuck this asshole Markus. He cheated on me with that bitch Marla. So tonight I gonna show him that he’s not the only guy in my life.”
“You mean you’re going to re-cheat?” I asked surprised.
“Fuck yeah. There’re a lot of guys around who would give their right arm to fuck me.”

I sat back against the wall of the tent and looked at Julia. Life was so unfair. All she had to do was to put on something sexy and the guys would to everything to get her laid. She looked at me, realizing my disappointment.
“You’re allright Lina?”
“Yeah, it’s OK. I just thought about the guys never looking at me they way they look at you.”
She bent over and kissed me on my forehead.
“Ah Lina. Don’t be so lame. Look at you. Aren’t you cute?”
I raised my head and looked her in the eyes.
“Yeah… cute. But that’s not what the guys want. If they want something cute, they’ll go and get themselves a puppy. I don’t want to be cuddled – I want to be fucked.”
Julia felt on her back laughing out loud.
“Lina… you kinky bitch” she said with tears of laughter in her eyes. “C’mon stand up. Let me see how fuckable you are.”

I stood up looking at her a little sheepish. She leant on her elbow, looking at me standing in front of her in my panties.
“Turn around” she said softly.
“Julia, you know how I look. You’ve seen me several times naked under the shower after training.”
She smiled.
“Yeah, but you never behaved like someone who wants to be fucked, while showering. So come on… turn around and show me that you can be sexy.”

Slowly I started moving. Although only 5’’4’ tall I had to duck a little to avoid hitting the tent. Smiling at Julia my fingers started wandering from my flat belly up to my little 32AA tits, then arranging my ash blond hair into a ponytail while slapping my tight small and round butt with my hand.
“Hey sweetie… wanna fuck” I said with the most unsexy look I could imagine.
Julia was bursting in laughter.
“All right all right” she cried out. “Stop that…”
Then she grabbed my arm and pulled me down, immediately pushing me away. As I was lying on my back I couldn’t help laughing by bowels out as well.
When we calmed down, Julia got up and looked at me.
“OK, let start with the positive things: You’ve got humor. And you’ve got a pussy, which is a pretty important thing you need when you want to get fucked.” Julia said smiling. “What we have to work on is your presentation. We can’t enlarge your tits – at least not this weekend and stuffing your bra with socks might be a silly idea. What we can do is dress you up and see how the guys react. You can’t run around in your sloppy sports clothes and hope that the guys don’t care. So what do you think?”

I thought about it for a moment.
“You wanna dress me up? Fuck, why not. But how do I get in touch with the boys?”
Julia smiled.
“Just keep close. I’ll do the advertising.”

Around 6 p.m. we were ready to go. Julia borrowed me a hot string tanga – the kind that is more strings than fabric, along with a very short checkered red and white mini skirt. The outfit was completed by close fitting white cropped top, which showed my flat belly. We decided that a bra for me wasn’t necessary, first because my small tits didn’t need any and second because the guys could see my nipples trough the fabric of the top.
Julia wore grey hot pants along with an also close fitting checkered shirt, her lacy string and the matching lacy bra. She looked astonishing.

When we left the tent the party was already starting. Groups of boys and girls gathered around the BBQs were steaks and sausages smelled tasty and beer was prepared in large coolers.
We grabbed some sausages and two bottles of beer and joined a mixed group of people we knew from previous tournaments. As the evening went on, camp fires were lit and people gathered around it, lying on blankets or just sitting on the grass.
Like bees attracted by beautiful flowers guys joined us to talk to Julia and she definitely did her best to involve me in the conversations. We had a few more beers and by 11 p.m. ended up with two guys from a team from Austria. Michael and Tobias were about 19 and seniors in their team, which they would leave after summer to go to college.
While Michael was chatting with Julia, Tobias and I talked about unimportant things like sport fashion and the latest results of the NBA finals.
After a while I excused myself to attend the bathroom. The bottles of beer we had needed to get out again. I returned to the campfire after a few minutes just to find the three of them gone. I looked around for a while to search them but wasn’t able to find them. At 1 a.m. most people were in their tents so after finishing the last bottle of beer with another friend from our team I decided to go to my tent as well. My head was dizzy from all the alcohol and I felt frustrated. Neither the hot outfit nor the support by Julia helped me finding a guy.

Just before I opened the tent’s zipper I heard the moaning and the muted voices. Standing right in front of the tent in the darkness I listened carefully. There were two people in the tent. No wait… three. And one of them was definitely Julia. Slowly I lowered myself on my knees, carefully sneaking forward to get an idea of what was going on.
Then I was able to identify the other voices. Tobias and Michael. Those bastards were having a nice triple play with Julia.
“Mmmh… yeah. Suck my dick you little bitch” I heard Michael say. “I know you like it that way, don’t you”
Julia’s reaction on that was not recognizable, probably due to Michaels cock in her mouth. It was just a little louder moan followed by more and then rhythmic muted moans. Along with her fucking sounds came the moans of Tobias who was obviously fucking her.
“Wow” I thought in my mind. This was the first time I listened to someone fucking. I knew the sounds from the videos I watched on the internet, but hearing them for real was something totally new. I made up pictures in my mind of Julia and her wonderful sexy body being fucked by Tobias and sucking Michaels dick.
Sitting their on my knees I kept listing to the fucking sounds from the tent while my hand was slowly wandering between my legs. Carefully and without a sound I shoved my hand into my string and touched my neatly shaved pussy. Just by listening my crotch had turn into a hot wet swamp, the string soaking from my pussy juices.
The moaning from the tent increased in speed and volume.
“Oh fuck” Tobias was whispering “that’s the wettest and hottest cunt I ever fucked.”
“Oh yeah… I think she’s going to suck my balls out” Michael replied.
Then there was a squeak followed by a loud moan from inside the tent. Then Michaels voice said “Look at that slut. I think she likes my finger in her little asshole.”
The rhythmic moaning turned in to a constant whining.
I had to bite on my lips to prevent a loud and lustful groan. Two of my fingers had slid into my pussy and were moving in and out in the rhythm of the tent’s sounds. With Michael pushing his finger into Julia’s butt hole I almost went crazy. Listening to the ongoing threesome my fingers moved faster. I added a third one into my throbbing pussy, not noticing the smacking sounds of my now dripping slit.
“If she likes your finger, why don’t you stick your cock in her ass” Tobias announced Michael, followed by a fearful sound from Julia.
The image in my head, Julia being fucked by two guys in her pussy and ass at the same time, was too much to bear. With a loud groan I was overwhelmed by a heavy orgasm. Lights were dancing before my eyes and my hot juices were shooting out of my pussy on my hand.
Suddenly the sounds in the tent died. “Did you hear that” Tobias asked.
“I’m not sure, but I think there might be someone outside the tent” Michael replied.

I panicked. Without even thinking I was on my feet heading away from the tent. After about 200 yards I slowed down, turned around. No one to see.
I looked around. I was standing at the edge of a soccer field, belonging to the sports park we were camping in. The tents laid in the darkness almost impossible to see. Only a few steps away was a bench.
I sat down and leant back. The pictures I made up in my mind about the things going on in the tent were still in my head and I still was aroused.
I closed my eyes and started exploring the wetness of my crotch again. Lifting up my skirt my fingers were touching my wet pussy lips. The string tanga was still out of place. I started slow and soft, letting the pictures in my head build up again. In my fantasy I tried to imagine every detail of Julia’s hot body which I had adored for so many times while we were showering after the training. While my finger was circling around my clit I tried to imagine the boys cocks. The must have been hard and long, dripping with precum und saliva.
Slowly I inserted my still wet three fingers in my pussy while in my mind Tobias was getting a lustful ride from Julia, her beautiful now sweaty tits bouncing up and down with every stroke of his penis in her dripping wet slit. In the rhythm of my fantasy I started fucking myself with long and intense strokes, sucking the fingers of my other hand, while in my mind Julia was sucking Michael’s dick. When my fantasy came to the point when Michael pinched Julia’s ass with his finger, I sat my foot on the bench, opening my legs wide and started massaging my sphincter carefully with my finger. As I was far away from the tents I didn’t care about being quiet.

I was sitting there, my eyes closed, the head up in the skies, slowly fucking myself with three fingers in my twat and one pinching my asshole as someone touched my shoulder. Totally surprised I almost got a heart attack as I opened my eyes to see who was standing next to me.

Right in front of me was standing Chad. Chad, a 6’’5’ tall afro American, was the trainer of the boy’s team. Although in his late forties, he was still in astonishing good shape. The torchlight in his hand was turned off.
Totally shocked I clenched my legs tightly together.
“How long have you been standing there” I shouted at him.

Chad took a step back and answered in a deep and calm voice.
“I have to apologize. I saw you on your knees in front of your tent and thought you might be feeling sick from all the beer. When you ran away I followed you, to see if everything is alright. I have to admit I was surprised to find you here enjoying yourself.”

I blushed as he took a step closer again, feeling my bowels clench. “This is so embarrassing. Oh god, I think now I’m going to get sick.”
With one quick step Chad was sitting next to me holding me in his arm.
“Hey, hey… calm down. There’s nothing you have to be ashamed of.”
I looked at him. “Yeah sure… I was only masturbating in front of one of our trainers. Naaah… nothing to be ashamed of.”
Chad laughed. “Oh yes you did. And I have to admit it was quite a show you did. Most guys would pay for such a hot view. It really turned me on.”
“It did….?”
“Sure. Who wouldn’t get horny while watching a beautiful young lady rubbing her pussy. And not only her pussy as I may add.”
Slowly I loosened the grip around my legs. Could that be my chance?
“You’re kidding. I’m neither beautiful nor am I sexy.”
Chad laughed again. “If it weren’t so dark around here you could definitely see your effect on me.” With that he slowly took my hand and shoved it on the bulge of his trousers.
The feeling of a hard cock in his pants sent back the lust.
“Wow… that’s a lot of arousal you have there.”
Chad grinned. “You like it? If you want you can also touch it without the trousers.”
Slowly he shoved my hand into his pants. My fingers wrapped around his cock and to my surprise they weren’t able to reach around. His semi hardened cock had almost the diameter of a Coke can.
“Oh god. It’s huge.” I whispered while I softly started stroking his cock.
With a soft moan Chad laid his hand on my leg. Without hesitation I spread my legs and his hand moved down in my crotch. His fingers were moving further down, dividing my pussy lips and seeking the entrance to my twat stroking it gently.
“Do you want to try it? You think you can take it?” he asked.
I never had anything that big inside me. I fingered myself while masturbating and had some nice dildos but nothing that big had ever entered my fuckhole.I was a little afraid but I couldn’t resist the chance of being finally fucked. So I set my fears aside and focused him.
“It’s worth a try don’t you think?”
Without any hesitation he pushed two fingers in my wet pussy.
The feeling of someone else’s fingers fucking my pussy was overwhelming. With a loud moan I hardened the grip around his cock and started stroking fast.
“Oh god… yeaahh…. That’s unbelievable. Don’t stop.”
“Wait until you get the real stuff” Chad replied. “But we better get you a little bit prepared before we try.”
Gently he began to move his fingers in and out of my oozing pussy pressing and rubbing his thumb on my clit. My legs opened wider giving him more room and a better look on my slowly stretching cunt.
“C’mon take a closer look.” With one hand he pulled down his pants, setting his massive black cock free. I could believe what I saw. Almost 10 inch long, now fully hardened, it stood straight up in the air.
“C’mon suck it. Suck my dick with your beautiful little mouth.”
Without thinking I bent over and licked his massive piece of meat. Stroking him with one hand I tried to suck his massive cockhead into my hungry mouth. Once I took it between my lips, my mouth was completely filled.
“Mmmh… what a tight little mouth you have” Chad moan as he lifted his hips slowly starting to fuck me in the face. Holding my head with his hand his strokes got faster and deeper. Saliva was starting dropping out the corners of my mouth greasing his cock.
With every stroke he hit deeper finally hitting my throat. As I started gagging my lips closed even tighter around his dick almost swallowing his cock down my throat. Chad pulled out his cock, giving me the chance to breath. His whole cock was glistering from saliva in the moonlight. I continued jacking him and started licking my saliva of his giant piece of fucking meat.
“Jesus, aren’t you a little nasty cock sucker.” Chad said with a lustful smile. “Ready to take it in your little cunt?”
I looked at him with greedy eyes and nodded.
“Say it” Chad pushed me. “Tell me what you want.”
That turned me on even more.
“I want you to fuck my pussy with that big hard cock off yours” I whispered.
Without a word Chad pulled his fingers out of my pussy and took me by the hips. His strong muscular arms lifted me up easily and sat me on his lap. The cockhead touched my wet an swollen pussy lips and by moving his hips he rubbed his prick on my slid, covering it with my pussy juices.
Gently he positioned his cock at my pussy entrance and then let me down slowly. As his cock divided my pussy lips and entered my lightly stretched whole I was in heaven. Despite of it’s size his cock entered me with ease, due to his good foreplay and the tons of pussy juices drooling out of my slut. One inch after another he pushed forward filling me with ecstasy. I groaned out loud as he moved on until almost 8 inches of cock meat head entered my cunt. At this point my pussy was completely filled.
“Oh aren’t you a little greasy bitch. I never thought my cock would fit in there” he whispered in my ear as I clenched to his muscular body. I bit on my lips not to cry out loud my pleasure and just nodded.
“You are a nasty bitch, aren’t you” he whispered.
“What ever you want me to” I answered.
“I want to fuck your tiny tight little cunt until you loose your mind, you sweet little whore.”
With that he started lifting me up and down on his prick. With every stroke he increased his speed and power, almost ramming me and my cunt on his hard black cock. I moaned loud, wrapping my hands around his neck.
“Oh yeah, that’s so good” I moaned into his ear. “Fuck me Chad… fuck me harder.”
I was in total pleasure. Every hard stroke hit my cervix, lights dancing in front of my eyes.
His hands grabbed my ass cheeks, tossing them apart as he continuously lifted me up and down. With his index finger he started massaging my puckering anus.
“Oh god Chad, don’t stop, that’s so good….”
He was breathing heavily by know, moaning deeply as he kept fucking me with hard and long strokes. As he pushed the tip of his finger into my ass he thighend the grip on my us. His groans were getting louder and louder as were mine and his cock started swelling even more.
My whole body was covered in sweat as he shoved his hand under my top searching for my nipples. Gently he started squeezing them with his fingers. He head leant forward while he sucked me almost complete tit in his mouth. As he started sucking my tit, his tongue played with my nipple.
Within seconds my body turned from hot to cold and hot again as the I felt a massive orgasm rising. With my pussy clenching tighter around his cock, Chad let out a load groan, pushing his cock and finger deep into my fuckholes. My pussy started to contract as I grabbed hard to the bench awaiting him to unload himself into my twat.
“Oh God Chad, I’m going to cum” I yelled. “And I’m going to cum hard.”
With a last hard stroke Chad let out a massive groan. His cock started to pump, as my orgasm let my pussy started milking him. With every shot he filled me up more with his hot cream, bringing me into a not stopping status of orgasms. I came so hard I almost fainted. Pussy juices we shooting out of my cunt while I lost control over my body. Chad grabbed me to prevent me falling of his lap. Gently he led my down and laid me in the grass in front of the bench, pulling his cock out my torn open pussy.
I laid in the grass, legs wide apart, sweaty, my pussy still open from his giant cock, leaking a mixture of his cum and pussy juices. Chad looked at me, lighting a cigarette and obviously enjoying the result of his fucking.
“Hell you look adorable as you lie there Lina. I almost could fuck you again.”
“Oh Chad… that was the best fucking thing I ever had. You totally tuned me on when you started calling me a bitch and a whore. But give me some time to recover.” I laughed at him.
“But if you want to I can clean you up” I said with a smile. I sat up and crawled over to him. He leant back and watched me. Gently I started licking my juices and his cum of his cock. I tasted soooo good.
Chad let out a little moan sitting there smoking his cigarette as my tongue licked every inch of his dick. Sitting on my hands and knees I felt his cum dripping out of my sore cunt. I inserted two fingers, surprised how easy they went in after being fucked by such a massive cock. As I retrieved my fingers, they were over and over covered with his cum, which I willingly sucked into my mouth.
“Oh Lina, you’re not only a cock-sucker and a bitch, you’re also a little cum eater.” He smiled at me. His cock had become big and hard again as he sat there watching me and getting his prick licked.
“It’s a pity I shot my load in your cunt. I guess you would have looked great with cum all over you. If I knew how much you love eating cum I would have jacked of all over you when you were playing with yourself. I almost came in my pants when you were playing with your little ass.” He smiled.
I sat back in the grass watching him. He gently rubbed his dick.
“Would you like to see it again” I asked.
He looked at me surprised.
“See what?”
“See my playing with myself. Masturbating. I’m so horny from what we did, but I can’t take your cock in my sore pussy another time.” I gave him a smile. “But you can watch me fuck myself if you want to.”
“Oh you dirty little cunt. How could I decline such a pervert offer.”
I spread my legs wide to give him a good look an my cunt and slowly started stroking my pussy lips.
“Keep going little whore, stick your fingers in your twat” Chad whispered while jerking his cock slowly.
I divided my pussy lips with my finger and put in on of every hand to tear my pussy open. I was so easy after being fuck by Chad.
“Wow… what a cute slut you are.” Chad threw over his flashlight. “In case you need some things to play with.”
Without hesitation I shoved the flashlight deep in my cunt. Since it was only about half the size of Chads prick, it slipped in very easy. As I pulled out again, it was covered with cum and pussy juices which I sucked off with pleasure.
Chad was watching closely, jerking faster now.
I inserted one finger in my pussy to grease him with my juices and than started smearing it all on my asshole. Gently I pressed, and my finger entered my asshole without resistance. Surprised how easy it went in, I added another one.
Chad was breathing heavy know. He definitely enjoyed the show. When I inserted the flashlight in my pussy again he stood up and walked over to me still jerking.
He bent down to me and whispered.
“You know how to give a man a good show you little cunt. I know that tonight my cock won’t fuck you again, but you should know that the next time I see you little bitch, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass. So better be prepared my sweet pervert twat. Go put that torchlight out off your cunt and up your ass. Will you?”
Without a word I pulled out the torchlight and my fingers from my ass. I hunkered down and placed the torchlight at my anus, slowly lowering myself. With a loud moan it entered my bowels.
“Oh yeah, that’s good. Fuck your nice little ass. Remember what I told you. I’ll soon tear your ass open.” Chad was jerking very fast now and was really breathing heavy. It was obvious that he was about to come.
Moving up and down, I started fucking my ass rubbing my clit with my fingers. I looked up to Chad and opened my mouth.
“Ready little cum eater?” he asked.
I nodded and with a loud groan he started shooting his hot cream right in my face. Shot after shot hit me in the face and my mouth. With his cum hitting my tongue I was taken away by another heavy orgasm. As I yelled out my pleasure I lost control over my bladder, shooting out hot streams of urine on the grass. Chad was watching still jerking his now semi hard prick. As I finished I looked up at him, covered all over the face with his cum. I opened my mouth to show him the amount of cum I collected. With one big gulp it was gone.
Chad smiled.
“Look at you. A torchlight in the ass, the face covered with cum, sitting in puddle of piss. There’s nothing better to think of on a night like this.” he said. “Now how to we clean you up before I send you back to your tent.”
He was still holding his cock in his hand right in front of my face. He had a kind of vicious look. Without warning he started pissing, directly in my face. Surprised by this sudden event I fell on the ground into my own puddle. Chad immediately stopped pissing.
“Do you like that little bitch?” he asked. “I thought you might since you pissed while coming.”
I looked at him with a mixture of anger and confusion. Piss was dripping out of my hair and my top was totally drenched. After a few seconds I realized the warmth of the piss on my skin. There was no bad smell as one would expect, just a warm feeling. Along with the warm feeling from the piss came a warm feeling of arousal from the inside. It was the same arousal I had when Chad started calling me a bitch or a whore, which totally turned me on.
I looked at him.
“Seems you like to humiliate your little bitch, don’t you?”
He smiled.
“Only if she wants to. But I’m pretty sure you get horny when I do, don’t you?”
I nodded.
“Oh yeah. Although I never thought about anything like that, it definitely turns me on to be your dirty little cunt.”
As I was lying there I realized the torchlight still sticking in my ass. I grabbed it and slowly started pushing it in and out my little asshole.
Chad smiled. “So what do you want, my sweet little pervert.”
With one thrust I pushed the torchlight deep inside my ass. “I want you to piss all over me” I moaned.
And Chad did.