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2022-11-06 14:33:23

It was a sunny saturday afternoon, and I was at my neighbor’s house, babysitting their son's baby. I had just put baby Emmet to take a nap in the upstairs bedroom, where Mr. Jensen had assembled Cole’s old crib. Now, sitting on the living room couch with the baby monitor beside me, I couldn’t help but think that this was a funny twist, because when I was little, their son babysat me a couple of times, and now here I was, taking care of his baby.

Our parents were close friends, and every time they went out together, Cole would come over and stay with me, since my parents never liked leaving me alone, afraid something bad would happen. Ever since I could remember, I had butterflies on my stomach every time I saw him, which never happened when I saw another boy, much less my regular babysitter, Grace Michaels… I really didn’t like her. Until this day I remember the sadness I felt when my mom told me he wouldn’t come over anymore because he was leaving for college. I believe it was the first time my heart broke. I cried a lot, my mom tried everything she could to cheer me up, but nothing worked, my face was constantly red and my eyes blotched. The last time he came over to my house to watch over me was a friday night and it is to this day, my most cherished memory... I shook my head, stopping the memories from surfacing, and putting the baby monitor on the coffee table, I decided to get up to take something cold to drink.

The house was quiet, everyone gone for the day. Passing through the corridor window, that lead from the living room to the kitchen, I couldn't help stopping a little to look at the beautiful day outside, but even though the sun shined, the weather was mildly warm, allowing me to wear my beloved lita boots without burning my feet. I sigh and kept walking. The kitchen was a spacious square room in the back of the house, with big french doors in the back that lead to the backyard where Mrs. Jensen had a beautiful garden. The light poured from the doors and the window on top of the sink, and with the white cabinets and white subway tiles, the space was brightly illuminated, getting the warmth from the rich wood that made the butcher’s island in the middle and the kitchen table positioned in front of the french doors. I reached the double door fridge and opened the door, looking inside for something cold to drink. I found some cans of Coke on the bottom shelf and with a smile I bent lower and grabbed one. The coldness of the drink spreading through my body made me smile.

“Did you know that by bending like that your thong gets completely exposed?” I heard a voice say and turned around fast almost dropping my Coke on the floor with the fright. Cole was beside the kitchen door, leaning against the counter behind with a smirk on his lips. Even now, so many years later, I still felt the butterflies in my stomach just by looking at him. He was even more handsome now, with his blond hair pulled back, his vivid blue eyes shining with interest, his tall lean body covered in jeans and a black t-shirt. Even from a distance I could see his muscles hidden under his shirt.

“I wasn't aware there was someone watching me,” I said trying to act cool and pretend his presence there didn’t affect me, when in reality, I was giddy inside with the fact that he had seen my pink lace thong. I wondered if I could find another excuse to bend over so he would get another peek.

“Actually, I was hoping I would catch you alone,” Cole said, pushing himself away from the counter and walking towards me, stopping in front of me, making me crane my neck back to look up at him. Even with my tall boots, I was still very short compared to him.

“I wanted to talk to you about that last time I stayed with you.” He said locking eyes with me. I felt my eyes wide with surprise. I thought he would never mention that, that he rather pretends it never happened.

The last time Cole stayed with me I remember he had just turned eighteen. Every time he came over, I waited my parents to leave so I would jump on his lap straddling him so I could tickle fight him. It was just an excuse I found for me to get closer to him, to feel his hands touching my body and for me to touch him too. When we got tired, or one of us won, I would climb off and we would watch a movie and eat pizza and then I would go upstairs to go to bed. It was always like this, except for that last friday.

I was in our living room, laying on my stomach in the rug with a pillow watching a movie when Cole got there. I had already put my sleep clothes on, a light blue cotton nightgown with small pink flowers on it, and short sleeves. I was enjoying the movie so much that Cole sat on the couch and just watched with me and after the movie ended, we ordered pizza and just talked about our favorite parts of it. It was a little before my bed time when I told him we had to have our tickle fight since it was already a tradition, and jumped on top of him to play without giving him time to say no. This time however, instead of supporting my body on my knees, I sat down and as we played, I felt something hard poking me between my legs. It felt good, so while I tickled him, I started to grind my body against it. I didn't know what it was at the time, but now I know it was his cock. I got so caught up with the delicious sensation I was feeling that I didn't even realize that Cole had my hands locked in his fist trapping me against his chest. I remember thinking it was the best feeling I've ever felt, and I just wanted more of it, so I kept pressing myself, rubbing against it. I had no idea about what I was doing, I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong, but he knew. I remember watching him closing his eyes and throwing his head back at the same moment he released my wrists and grabbed my hips, pulling me against his lap, making me move faster with his hands. I couldn't help but moan at it, letting he guide me, enjoying the sensations taking control of my body, the feel of his hand holding my hips tight... and then I let out a loud moan, feeling that sensation I felt building inside of me exploded, and I felt so wet between my legs that I thought I had peed myself. Cole on the other hand didn’t stop grinding me against him, going fast and hard, his eyes were half open fixed on me, his mouth slightly opened, low grunts and moans coming from it, until he just pulled me down hard and bit his lips, throwing his head back again.

We were panting on the couch like we had run a marathon, my head was resting on his shoulder, my chest pressed to his, but as soon as his breath came back to normal, Cole pulled me out of his lap and as I stand up, I could see a big wet spot on his sweat pants. He didn’t say much, he only told me I should go to bed right away and that we should pretend that never happened. I remember feeling confused, he sounded mad and ashamed but I thought he was enjoying what we were doing as much as I was. I climbed up the stairs to my bedroom, and as I closed the door behind me, I went to the mirror and lifted my nightgown seeing my cotton white panties completely see through with wetness. I felt really embarrassed thinking again that I had peed myself, so I took my panties off. As I looked close at it, I saw it didn’t seem and it didn’t smell like pee. I was puzzled so I just dropped it on the ground and putting clean panties on I went to bed. It took me a couple of years to understand exactly what we did that day, and when it dawned on me, I couldn't help but smile with the knowledge that we both came that night.

All these memories flashed through my mind in the blink of an eye and I saw in his face that he remembered that night just as well as I did. I sipped my Coke again trying to appear nonchalant, and put it on the counter beside the fridge before turning back to face him, keeping my eyes fixed on his in a challenge way.

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked curious about what he was going to say to me. After what happened that night, I barely saw him. He avoided me for days and then my parents sent me to my grandparents house for the summer. By the time I came back, he had already left for college. I saw him from afar throughout the years, sometimes we exchanged some pleasantries but nothing farther.

“Well, I was wondering if you're still as horny as you were when you were younger,” he said coming closer with a confident smile on his lips. I didn't move or talk, my eyes were wide open, searching for a sign that he was joking, but I didn’t find any. He grabbed a strand of my dark hair tucking it behind my ear.

“Why are you interested?” I asked as soon as I found my voice, and was thankful I didn’t stutter. His eyes seemed to burn and his fingertips were lightly tracing my ear, moving down slowly to my neck, making me shiver.

“I heard there's always a different boy coming out of the basement window, where I assume is now your bedroom, and your clothes...” Cole said looking down at my body, making me look too. I was wearing a high waisted plaid skirt that reached my mid-thigh, a tight black cropped and my beloved boots. Having B cups, I decided not to put a bra on that day and if you looked closely, you could see my pierced nipples through it, especially now that my nipples were getting hard.

“That sounds like a ME problem,” I said and smiled as I watched the tip of my finger slide through his black t-shirt, feeling the hard muscles beneath it. I couldn't help but bit my bottom lip as I looked up into his blue eyes. The thought that his one-year-old son was sleeping upstairs didn't seem enough to stop me doing that, not when I touched myself so many times throughout the years fantasizing about Cole touching me, something I thought it would never happen especially when I heard he had gotten married.

“To me it seems you’re not getting the sexual satisfaction you want… And I can help you with this problem.” he said leaning towards me and capturing my lips with his. I felt my knees go weak underneath me, and afraid I would look pathetic falling down with just a kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck to steady myself and pulled him to me. He throaty moaned and pushed me hard against the fridge door, pressing his body against mine, making me gasp with the intensity of it. Cole took advantage of it and took my lips again, sliding his tongue inside my mouth, entwining it with mine. His right hand closed around my neck, holding me thigh, while his left hand grabbed my hips. I know I should be scared of him choking me, but instead I felt very aroused by it, the cold metal of the fridge pressed against my back was useless to cool down my body heat. His hand started to move up on my body, going under my cropped shirt and taking my boob, squeezing it and making me moan into our kiss. Suddenly he released me and stepped away, leaving me breathless and weak, using the fridge to support my body. I looked at him and saw he was breathing hard, I could see the desire written on his face as he looked at me. Then he laughed, surprising and leaving me puzzled.

“You're still a horny little thing, just like when you were young. I bet you're wet underneath this skirt aren't you?” Cole asked me. I didn't know how I felt hearing those words, if I wanted to lift my skirt and show him how wet I was with just a kiss or if I wanted to slap that confident look out of his face.

“You're a jerk,” I said and with my legs a little steadier, I turned my back to him and grabbed my Coke taking a swig from it, trying to calm my nerves. I didn't hear him move, but as soon as I put the can down on the counter, he was pressing his body against my back, his hand closing around my neck again, forcing my head back towards his body.

“Are you denying it then?” Cole asked with a husky voice close to my ear, grinding his cock against my butt, making me feel his hard on. “Aren't you going to answer me?” He asked, biting my earlobe, making me wetter by the second.

“I’m… I’m wet” I said, forcing the words out, it was hard to breath with his hand holding my neck tightly. He chuckled and released me, moving away again. I turned to him while massaging my neck and watched as he took a chair from the table turning it in my direction and sat down. ‘What the fuck?’ I thought looking at him as leaned his back on the chair, crossing one foot on top of his knee.

“Take off your panties and your top and give them to me,” he said without hesitation, confident I wouldn't deny taking my clothes off for him in his parents kitchen. I hate it that he was right. I went to him slowly and stopped right in front of him, pulling my damp thong down my legs and out, handing it to him. Then I pulled my top up and out, also handing it to him. I was standing right in front of him in only my mini skirt and boots. I could feel my thighs getting wet with my juices as I observed his eyes moving slowly up and down my body, his elbow was on the table with his hand high in a fist, holding my wet thong in it.

“Naughty girl...” Cole said, pinching one of my pierced nipples hard with his other hand, making me moan with the mixture of pain and pleasure. I leaned forward to kiss him but he was faster than me and grabbed my hair pulling my head back. “Such a horny little slut,” he said chuckling, pulling my hair even more, making me close my eyes and cringe with the pain as I held on his leg for support. I felt him move and then I felt his tongue flicking my nipple.

“Cole...” I couldn't help but moan his name as I felt his mouth close around my left pierced nipple and suck it hard, swirling his tongue on it. My pussy was so wet I could feel the juices running down my thighs, making me close them tight, hoping he wouldn’t see it.

He released my nipple with a loud pop, and then moved to the other, his hand still holding my hair tight as he feasted on my nipples, licking, kissing, sucking… I was moaning and biting my bottom lip, my hands holding hard on his leg. He gave a last flick on my left nipple and moved away, releasing my hair, letting it fall down my back.

“I'm feeling thirsty, bring me a Coke,” he asked calmly, like we were just talking about the weather.

“A Coke?” I asked certain I had misunderstood his words.

“Yes, a Coke. I want you to bring me one,” he said and I just rolled my eyes at his little game, and turned around ready to get him a Coke. “No Becky,” Cole said making me stop and turn to him. “I don't want you to walk, I want to see you on your hands and knees crawling to the fridge.” He said looking at me serious, still holding my thong in a tight fist. I must be pretty fucked up, because the next thing I knew I turned towards the fridge and got on my knees, starting to crawl slowly towards the fridge, we'll aware he could see my butt and how wet my pussy was. When I opened the fridge and took his drink, I turned my head to face him.

“I can't crawl and hold your Coke at the same time.”

“Of course you can.” He said nonchalant, like it was the most normal thing in the world to ask a barely clothed girl to bring him a Coke while crawling. I was getting annoyed and at the same time really turned on with all his confidence and detachment from this situation. Still, I took the Coke with my hand trying not to shake it so much as I crawled towards him. I saw him moving and so that he had both his feet on the floor, his legs now open for me to crawl between them. I stopped and kneeled, giving him his Coke. He took the can from my hand and smiled down at me. He took a gulp from it and looked at me again still kneeling between his legs.

“Since you're there, pull my cock out and suck it.” He said without ceremonies, my hands shook a little, moving up his thighs. When I opened his jeans, his cock was hard under his black boxers. I reached in and pulled it out, seeing that he was just like in my fantasies, long, thick and hard. I bit my bottom lip and looked up locking eyes with him as I leaned forward and licked his cock. He gave me a gentle smile and took another sip from his Coke. Now I was getting pissed at him, so I started to lick his cock, swirling my tongue underneath the head. His cock twitched and I looked up and smiled, making sure he was watching me as I took his cock into my mouth. Finally, I saw his expression change from detachment to desire.

“My my, you look beautiful with a cock in your mouth.” I heard him say and feeling pleased, I started to bob my head up and down, swirling my tongue and sucking him. One hand held his cock while the other squeezed his other thigh feeling the hard muscle underneath the jeans as I sucked him.

I saw Cole putting his Coke beside his chair on the floor, and as he moved his hand back up, I felt it closing around my hair, forcing me to accelerate my pace and take more of him into my mouth. He moaned as I got his cock down my throat, and I basked on the pleasure of that sound, knowing I was going to make Cole, the man of all my dirty fantasies, cum with my mouth.

I sucked him harder and faster, feeling he getting close, I was already anticipating his cum filling my mouth, the taste of it, but as soon as my head went up, he pulled me by my hair and I released his cock with a loud pop from my suction.

Cole didn't say a word, he pulled me up by my hair gently this time, and directed my body towards the table where he took me by my waist and sat me on top of it, bending my knees towards my chest and spreading my legs for him.

“I never saw a pussy get this wet before without even being touched.” Cole said sliding the tip of his fingers through my wet lips, making me release a throaty moan and he a chuckle. Keeping eye contact with me he bent his head and licked me. I never been this aroused before so I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to cum. He licked me so well, going up and down, sucking my clit, just to go down again so he could fuck me with his tongue, that I had no strength to keep my body upright on the table, so I end up laying down on his parents kitchen table, squirming and moaning, moving my head sideways, griping one of the corners of it so strongly that my knuckles turned white, while my other hand kept his head against my pussy. As he licked me up, he closed his mouth around my clit and sucked me hard, and that was all it took for me to explode.

“OH COLE!” I screamed too turned on to care about his son sleeping in the house, or the Johnsons, the next-door neighbors. I felt him slide two fingers inside of me, going in and out fast, stretching my orgasm. I bit my lip hard, my body was rising from the table with the intensity of it.

As I felt down, I was panting, my hair was all tangled up around me, my body all covered in sweat. Even opening my eyes required some effort so I could only open them half way. Cole was standing in front of me, licking my cum from his fingers. Our eyes met and he gave me a wolfish smile, sucking one of them into his mouth.

“Your pussy taste delicious, and as much as I would like to eat you again, I think is more than time for us to finish what we started, don't you think?” He asked me, taking my hands and helping me stand up.

I almost fell when my feet touched the ground, luckily Cole held me. I pressed my hands on the table for support and he released me. He removed his black shirt, and then his boots, jeans and boxers. Seeing him strip piece by piece in front of me was like having an unknown childhood dream come true, as weird as that may sound. He sat down on the same chair from before, and looked up at me, making me a sign for me to approach him. And like a bitch in heat, I did.

I stepped between his legs and pulling my head down he kissed me again, making me taste myself on his tongue. His hands moved to my skirt waistband, and soon I felt the zipper being pulled down and the garment slid down my legs hitting the floor. We kept kissing hard, feeling our tongues dueling each other. His hands explored my body, grabbing my ass, then going up to squeeze my boobs, eliciting more moans from me.

I knew what he wanted us to finish. He wanted me to ride him, like I innocently did when I was younger. Biting his bottom lip, I pulled out, and spreading my legs I straddled him, feeling his cock against my wet pussy, hearing a hiss coming out of his mouth from the contact. I leaned forward and kissed his neck.

“This feels so much better than the last time.” I whispered in his ear with a husky voice, rubbing my pussy against his cock and biting his earlobe.

“It will feel even better...” he said letting the words die as he grabbed my hips and lifted me, so I could start sliding down his cock. And he couldn't be righter, feeling his cock stretching me while I looked down into his blue eyes was the best feeling I had in my entire life. He had such a nice cock, he was touching me in all the right places, like we were meant to fuck each other.

“Isn't it better?” Cole asked me, gazing into my eyes as soon as I was completely impaled on his cock. I couldn't form words, my brain was completely useless, so I only nodded and kissed him again.

With his hands griping my hips, he started to move me in a slow rhythm, sliding in and out of me. My hands touched him everywhere, from his neck to his back, then chest and arms. Cole was still like when I was younger, with a lean body and defined muscles, but I never actually thought I would ever see him naked. And now I wasn't just seeing him naked, I was also fucking him.

Our rhythm started to accelerate, and soon enough he had me bouncing up and down his lap. Both of us were moaning, kissing and squeezing each other’s body, getting more frenetic with each move.

I was bouncing fast on top of Cole, feeling my orgasm building but still out of reach. I was loving this, and as much as I wanted to cum I also wanted to prolong our fucking to the maximum. It was almost like a war going inside my head but with each movement I made, my orgasm came closer and without warning it exploded inside of me making me want to scream. This time however, Cole covered my mouth with his and my pleasure scream was muted.

My body was shaking but I could still feel his cock hard inside of me. When I started to come down, he grabbed me and putting me on my feet turned me towards the table and I bent my body over it.

“Now I'm going to fuck your tiny pussy so hard,” Cole said pulling my hair back hard and whispering in my ear. His cock was inside of me with one thrust, and still gripping my hair in a fist, he started to fuck me hard. I had my palms flat on the top of the table, my head was pulled back, and every now and then Cole would spank my ass as he pounded me merciless. My moans grew louder, I've never been fucked this rough before, I knew I was going to cum again, harder than the previous times, the sensation building fast and insistently inside me.

“Do I have to pull out?” Cole asked me with a grunt.

“Inside,” was all I could say with the pleasure talking over my mind and body.

He released my hair and grabbed my hips fucking me fast, and not wanting to make more loud noises I bent my upper body over the table, covering my mouth with the back of my hand stifling some of my loud moans with it. I was close now, my whole body was tight so ready to break and within his next two thrusts I came again writhing on top of the table, my nails scratching the wood, my teeth biting my bottom lip so hard I tasted blood. Cole kept fucking me for what seemed hours but I know it couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes, prolonging my orgasm, my body being overtaken by pleasure waves, one as intense as the previous one.

With a loud animalistic growl, I felt Cole cum inside me, filling my pussy while his thrusts started to slow down. Bending over me, he kissed my back, biting and scratching me with his teeth. We were both breathing hard. After a minute or two he got up pulling his cock out, and I heard a thud. Turning my head back I saw him sitting back on that chair, my favorite chair in the world. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other, exhausted and sexually fulfilled.

“You were right, this was so much better than last time,” I said and couldn't help but giggle. Standing up on my weak legs I turned to him. Cole's hair had fallen on his forehead, his blue eyes bright and a cocky smile on his lips. He reached down and picked his Coke from the floor, taking a large gulp from it. I moved towards him and sat on his lap kissing his neck. I felt one of his hands move to my nape and the other up to my boob, finding my nipple and pinching it eliciting a throaty moan from me.

“I like your pierced nipples.” He said looking down and pulling my nipple seeing it stretch. He pulled my head towards him and kissed me, making me want to fuck him again, not caring that he had a wife and a baby. I pushed him and got up, winking at him as I started to put my clothes back on before I changed my mind. Cole did the same, taking pauses to kiss me.

“I’m keeping this,” He said showing me my panties before sliding them into his pocket. I laughed and kissed him. I went to the bathroom to put myself back together before meeting him in the living room where he was watching something on the tv. As soon as I sat down on the couche we started to make out, the tv forgotten, his hands moving up and down my body, our tongues stroking one another… He was addictive.

Cole stayed at his parents house for five more days. Right the next day we started to go “jogging” together, but the truth is that he would fuck me as soon as we stepped out of the trail in the woods close to our houses. Each time was just as intense as the last one with the adrenaline rushing through our bodies with the danger that we might get caught at any moment by someone walking their dog or going for a walk.

The day he was going home, we fucked for almost an hour in those woods, and I’m pretty sure Mr. Smith, one of our neighbors, saw us when Cole fucked me against a tree, but thankfully Mr. Smith’s is known for being almost blind so I’m sure he had no idea it was us, although he probably knew what we were doing.

I missed Cole, but this time I didn’t cried, I knew we would separate again, we talked about his departure and we both decided it was best to not keep any contact. Still, he took my panties and also my heart with him that day.

At that time I didn't know it, but Cole's marriage wasn't going well. He already wanted to get a divorce but his wife end up getting pregnant so they decided to work on their differences and make their relationship work. It didn’t though, because a couple of months later, he returned to his parents house after he filed for his divorce. I remember clearly the morning I looked out the kitchen window and saw him standing in his mother garden talking to her. I really thought I was dreaming. I got out immediately, my hands were sweating, my knees were shaking and as soon as I got to the low fence that separated our houses, he turned towards me and smiled, melting me right there.

After that morning, Cole and I started to talk and spend time together, trying to get to know each other better, and every day that passed we grew closer, bonding over mutual interests and goals and dreams for the future. I stopped sneaking in boys from my school and started to sneak Cole into my bedroom every night instead. He told me his dad was the one who told him about the boys he saw leaving my house in the morning, but this time, if he saw Cole, he never mentioned to him.

When it was time for me to go to college, he asked transference from his work and we moved in together. At that time we had already told our families that we were dating, pretending that it was something recent so our parents wouldn’t freak out, even though they did it a little because of our age gap. In the end however, they realized there was nothing they could do to prevent us from dating. Three years later, and lots of kinky sex after, we end up getting married.