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A day never to be forgotten

2022-06-30 00:12:54

I had been dating Suzie for about a month – we are both 16. We live in the same district but our homes are not close. We have never been good friends, we have been acquaintances and I know a few of her school friends.

She was reluctant to date with me at first and I had no idea why. At first she would only go out with me and other friends in a group. After we had been out twice on our own together, she was seeming to warm to me and on the third date she actually allowed me to kiss her. We dated a few more times and I could tell from the way she kissed, she was enjoying it and our kissing became quite passionate and she had the habit of pressing her body against mine as we kissed and I was sure she could feel my boner in my pants. She said nothing but each time she did it and then one night I touched her breasts on the outside and she moaned with delight.

That night when I went home I had to masturbate – I had blue balls. After that I was uncertain where I should go from here but I decided to take our passion to the next stage. On the next date I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me and touched her breasts again deliberately, on the out side of her clothes again. She never moved my hand and I was permitted to feel the softness – or firmness really of them. She had a thing bra on and I made a point of feeling for her nipples which as I found out were hard. I assumed she was feeling a bit sexy.

That night when I was kissing her good night she had made it obvious she was grinding against me and feeling for my boner. I again felt for her breast and she put her hand up I though to move my hand away but it was to undo a button on her blouse and I realised she was virtually offering me access to her bare skin and I slipped my hand into her blouse and fondled her warm firm breasts.

We kissed passionately and I fondled her breast for while longer and she said – thank you I liked that and then she went inside.

Again I had to masturbate.

The next date we went to a movie and she wanted to go toward the back of the theatre and I soon realised after the movie started why. I put my arm around her as I had done before with the expectation of her to putting her head against my shoulder and I was going to try and feel her breast again. I was surprised when she undid her blouse and slipped her bra up and gave me full access to her bare breasts. I could not believe my luck. I fondled and played with both breasts and nipples and she had no interest in the movie she wanted more kissing and touching. She purred like a kitten as I manipulated her nipples with my fingers.

Her hand had gone down to my crutch and she knew I had a hard on she was feeling for it and whispered can you unzip.

I never hesitated and unzipped my fly and my cock almost flew out of my underpants and into the fresh air of the darkened theatre. The closest people were in front of us and to the side and I would not have been surprised if they were similarly engaged as at first they looked in our direction and realising we had no interest in anything else but ourselves, ignored us from then on.

The moment it was free she held it in her hand and felt it all over sort of feeling and examining it rather and stroking it. Then she began to hold it gently and very slowly moved the skin up and down but not over the head of it. It wasn’t the same as masturbating me, it was more a discovery adventure experience I felt. I was sure she had never given a hand job to a boy before.

Do you like that she asked.
I love it I said – am I making you happy.

So far…….. but don’t get too excited – I am not ready for that yet.

I wasn’t sure what ‘that’ was but I had the feeling it was a bit higher up the ladder of sexual pleasure.

Before the end of the first feature we both covered up. We talked and had an ice cream at interval and she made no comment about what we had both achieved during the first half. In fact you would never have known we had been half undressed, as I had undone my belt to further open my fly and give her access to my balls as well. She excused herself to go to the toilet and I did the same. I really wanted to wank myself I was so excited about how far we had progressed, maybe during the second half my hand may find something under her skirt.

Shortly after the lights went down the blouse was undone again and the bra slipped up. My cock came out and was firmly gripped by a warm hand. I thought I might get lucky now. I was to be disappointed as when I tried to slip my hand up her leg she said – don’t be greedy – I am not ready for that ……..yet. I then resumed the treatment of her breast and managed to get my mouth down and onto her nipples and sucked them as she stroked my cock again, a little more firmly but not to the stage of really giving me a full hand job. The movie finished with the both of us almost exhausted from the passionate kissing and frustration of our foreplay being rather subdued. She smiled at me when the lights went up and said you will have to finish that at home – like me.

I was a little surprised at the suggestion and wondered why she had not let me get my fingers wet if she knew and was aware of what I wanted and would achieve myself later. It appears she would do the same.

The next time we went out it was with a group to a picnic and we had to behave ourselves. At the picnic another girl came up to me and chatted to me when Suzie was talking to somebody else.

It was Jan – somebody who I had previously had sex with – in fact my first time.

She asked me if I was having sex with Suzie and I told her no. Then she said she is a virgin, you will be lucky if you get it into her. Then she said any time you want a bit come and see me – I have broken it off with Mike now so I am looking for it occasionally.

Jan was a girl that I had my first sex experience with. It was school holidays. We were riding our bikes and she said to me – what are you doing later on. I had replied nothing really, and she said come over to my place after dinner – a few people are coming over for a party.

I went to her place as we discussed – I went on my own. When I got there, there were two other guys and their girls. The other two couples I learned were going steady Jan put on some music and we danced for a bit, so it seemed I was there as Jans partner. After a while she said ok lets get started, and from what I learned she had invited everybody there to play strip poker, this had not been mentioned to me, but the others knew about it. They had played the game before with Suzie and it didn’t take much to realise that their aim of the game was for everybody to strip off as they won or lost a hand. I had never played it before.

It was hilarious for the next half hour as each one of us were required to divest ourselves of an item of clothing as each hand was won or lost. If you lost you had to take something off – if you won you nominated somebody else to take something off. It was obvious we were all required to be naked before the game ended. I must admit the game was hilarious and we all enjoyed the fun involved and the exposing of various body parts. The other two guys had a sort of hard on – they were not right up, but well on the way – mine was rock hard just looking at the three naked girls.

I then learned when we were all naked the next hands were to determine who had sex with whom. Jan made it clear to me that the others had all played the game before and it became obvious that the two couples were already sexually active and had played the game with Jan and her then boyfriend. At previous meetings they had all experienced having sex with various partners. The next games were to select our first partner.

I then had to explain to Jan I was unaware of the rules of the game and that I had not previously had sex with a girl. What was going to happen now.

Jan said no problem and then she explained to the other couples that she would be my partner for the first event and that they would each play to choose their partner, and Jan and I were excluded. She would have sex with me and she would have the privilege of having a virgin boy.

The other girls said Jan was being unfair and they both wanted me to their ‘virgin boy’ as I was then called. Sally said he is not going home before I have tried him and then Jane said I want to try him too. It immediately became obvious I was expected to have sex with all three girls before the night was over. Jan said ok I will be his first then you can draw cards for him. There was no argument.

It was then decided who would go with whom amongst the other couples and I went with Jan.

Jan was fantastic, she made me feel really good about it as I was a bit concerned I may not be able to perform as well as she had hoped. She said it wont matter – I don’t think for one moment I wont enjoy it – I can see what you have and I am sure that will make me more than happy – and then said quietly yours is bigger than the other two and I know what they are like – I think yours will be more than adequate.

She then proceeded to get positioned for me to have sex with her – we had a sort of soft mattress like a Futon on the floor for each couple. The other two had begun and were right into it by the time I was ready. Jan said don’t worry it will be OK you will be fine. I was slightly embarrassed at the fact I had no previous experience and how I would perform. I had seen plenty of sex on porn so I had a good idea of what was necessary.

I got down between her legs and proceeded to guide my cock into her slit. She had very little hair around her vagina as did the other two girls, and her labia lips or vulva did not stick out. She looked lovely down there. I was a bit embarrassed to say anything but thought how lucky I was. My cock went into her easily and before I knew it I was deep inside her and I could feel this warm, damp firm sort of tight feeling all around the entire length of my cock. It felt absolutely out of this world – I knew immediately why people fucked – it was awesome. Jan said nothing and she smiled at me as I began to fuck her slowly.

After a couple of minutes Sally sang out how is it.

Jan said wait until you get him into you , I love it.

Jane said not bad for a virgin eh.

Jan said he isn’t any longer – he had had his first taste of it and I think he wont be backward in wanting more. He isn’t bad for his first time.

I said well if its always as good as this I am hooked.

Jane said we want a score after the three of us have had a chance to try it. We have to know who is the best one out of the three of us.

I said that’s not fair – its my first time so Jan has to be the best I have ever had.

The other two guys said – I think the girls had better rate you.

Jan laughed and said its hard to beat 100% and that’s my rating.

We all stopped talking and got back to fucking. I was having the most wonderful time. I looked down at Jan and she smiled and her tits were just moving as I fucked her. Her nipples were all red and hard and they looked fantastic. I said softly - can I kiss them.

Jan just nodded and I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth and licked and sucked it. It tasted wonderful and she moaned as I did it. The sensation of my tongue on her nipple and my cock in her warm wonderful wet cunt was almost too much and I thought I was going to cum. I stopped for a moment to see if the sensation would ease off.

Jan said whats the matter.

I said I was close to cumming and I don’t want to spoil everything – I never want this to end.

She said don’t worry about that – I am safe and you have two other girls to sample yet.

I must admit I had not considered the fact I might cum inside her and make her pregnant – she quickly had dispelled that concern and I assumed Jane and Sally were likewise……. safe.

Tony was making noises like he was cumming and I heard him say ‘where do you want it’.

Jane said on my tits and I looked over at them and he had pulled his cock out of her and was wanking like mad and then he grunted a few times and then spurted his cum all over her tits and a bit landed on her face. He had a good load.

Shit she said – that was a powerful one. I almost got a mouthful.

That’s for later he said and milked his cock dry and dripped his cum on her tummy. Their fuck was finished. She got up and disappeared toward the bathroom – I assume to wash his cum off her.

I had just witnessed my first live fuck. I then went back to fucking Jan who was beginning to make movements under me – wiggling her bum and rubbing her clit with her fingers……..I gathered she was getting close to cumming herself.

She said come on big boy – go for it – cum with me. Fuck me like there is no tomorrow.
I began to pump my cock faster and harder in her and I surprised myself how well I was lasting and then it hit me – suddenly all my legs went funny and I was fucking her really slowly and as I began to grunt as each thrust was very sensitive on my cock head, it was amazing how the sensation changed so quickly, I had to really slow right down and as I did I began to pump cum into her………..SSSSS HHHHH IIIII TTTTT I screamed as my cock head almost hurt as it rubbed against the sides of her cunt. It it was as if I had rubbed all the skin off my cock but I hadn’t. I was so sensitive and sort of very touchy as I was grunting and pumping cum into Jan like I had a fire hose connected to me. I was grunting like a pig UUUUUGGGG………UUUUUGGGGG ……..AAAAHHHHH…… OOO HHHH……. SHIT OHHHH……… FUCKING HELL…….. I screamed - Then one last big groan as I almost collapsed with the intensity of my orgasm and ejaculation. Never when I had masturbated had my cock felt as good as this when I came, my whole body reacted, to my first fuck and it was a mind blowing experience. It was then I realised she was bucking ands screwing her face up and gasping for breath as she came at the same time. OOOOAAAHHHHHHHHH……. FUCK ME……Fuck me she kept saying over and over gain – and moaning as she said it. Her tits were bouncing about too. She was having a good orgasm too. I found out afterwards it doesn’t happen a lot having simultaneous orgasms and some girls never seem to achieve it.

Jane heard the commotion and came running back to see me cumming inside Jan – Tony was wiping his cock and Sally and Mike had stopped fucking to watch us – it seems I was putting on a bit of a performance.

Ohhh God I said – that was amazing – never before have I cum like that – it was absolutely amazing.

Sally said – save some for me big boy I want you to make me cum like that – I cant wait to get you up me.

My cock suddenly went soft and flopped out of her cunt. I said I don’t think I could do it again – that was the most exhausting thing I have ever done. I had rolled off Jan and was gasping for breath on the floor. My cock was soft and laying on my balls and still dripping cum.

Sally said don’t worry – I will get it up for you – you wont have any problems with us.

Then Mike and Sally got back into fucking and he gave her a hard time thrashing his cock into her and we could hear their bodies slapping together as his cock went in fast and deep in her. Slap…. Slap…. Slap……… as their two bodies came together as they fucked and then he came…….. and he lay on her and I could tell he was cumming and putting his cum up inside her. She lay there and just let him finish cumming before he got off her.

As soon as Mike pulled out of Sally they went to the bathroom together and when they came back Jan said come on lover boy I will clean you up for them now.

She took me to the bathroom and she washed and towelled my cock off and played with it, then as it began to harden again she bent down and took my cock in her mouth - shit I thought fucking her was good – her sucking my cock was even better I thought. I was hard in a moment and she sucked me for a minute then said that’s all for now, I have to leave something in there for Sally and Jane.

God I said – I don’t think I could do that again.

She said look at it its hard and rearing to go – who do you want next.

I said if I had my choice it would be you.

Then she said you can have me any time you like but they have to be serviced first. Try Jane first she isn’t bad I have heard.

By the time we got back the girls had already decided who was going to fuck with me – it was Sally who had evidently won me.

She said come on – I want it just like Jan had it.

She got down and we began to fuck. The others watched us for a moment or two and then Mike took Jan and they started to fuck and Jane and Tony started. It took a moment for me to work out what fucking Jane was like after fucking Jan. Her cunt was much wetter but it was just as tight as Jan and the feeling was about as good except for the fact she was really wet and I was slipping up an down her easily and h we were making quite a mess around her vagina opening. She was leaking stuff out of her cunt and I then realised she was full of Mikes cum. It didn’t take long to adjust to the sloppy cunt Sally had and it and it soon became really nice inside her and fucking Sally was almost as good as fucking Jan. Her cunt was warm and wonderful and she was holding me into her and I was enjoying every moment. From being a virgin half an hour or so ago to enjoying my second fuck and second girl – I was blessed I felt.

We were all on the floor again and fucking in silence – well you could hear us actually fucking but the noise Jane and were making was due to her wetness. Nobody was talking – we were all concentrating on fucking and being fucked.

Then Jane said it was good with Jan was it – I didn’t answer – she had her answer before I had even began to fuck her. Ok then she said lets try something you havnt had before – lets go Doggy. I have to do something for you the first time.

We separated and she got up on all fours and spread her legs and I had a perfect view of her cunt and her little brown ass hole. It was a wonderful sight. I had not realised how nice her bum looked – her cheeks were firm and tiny – they looked beautiful. I slid my cock between her cheeks and I got into her cunt and pushed my cock in as far as I could. The feeling of me up hard against the cheeks of her ass was another great feeling – shit fucking has to be the most wonderful sensation you can have with or without your clothes on. The fact we were all nude never entered my head or bothered me – it felt perfectly natural.

I fucked Jane Doggy for ages – I was taking longer to cum with her than Jan. I noticed he little tits were just moving beneath her with the rhythm of me fucking her.

None of us was talking much but Jan asked Sally how she was enjoying it with me.

He is good she said – he can come along to our card games any time she said.

Jane said I hope he has something left for me after you two have nearly killed him.

I said so do I – but I think I will be able to manage it – I had no idea how wonderful it could be having sex with a girl, you three are amazing. I came her a virgin and will go home a veteran – I don’t know anybody else that has had three different girls in a day before.

Mike said well you are in good company – but I think you will soon find out these three are something special. I have fucked them all and one or two others but these girls are the best.

Jan said – flattery will get you everywhere in here – come on prove it to me you are worthy of us. Fuck me man -----fuck me.

Jane then began to cum and Tony began to work on her as well to bring his orgasm on. It took him a minute or two after Jane and he said inside or out.

Jane said inside out – in my mouth. Then Tony pulled his cock out of her and he put it straight into her mouth and in a second or two he was moaning with delight as Jane swallowed spurt after spurt of his cum. It was the first time again for me seeing a girl actually suck and swallow a guys cum – I had seen it on TV porn but this was live and so different from those women who moaned all the time they were being fucked. These three girls only moaned when they were cumming or occasionally if they were enjoying something special as the fucked – or sucked as I had now seen.

I had penetrated a sex ring of wonderful, wonderful girls who not only enjoyed being fucked but were prepared to share it with their best friends – I hope I had cracked the circle.

It was now left to us to finish what we had started and I worked hard at it and Sally began to rock with me as we both fucked each other. Fucking he from behind was quite different from looking at their faces as you fucked – I think I liked missionary better. After another couple of minutes Jane said I am going to cum – come on do it big style like you did with Jan. The other four were now watching us and I began to put on a floor show for them and in less than a minute I was pumping my hot cum into Jane and it felt great. She came a fraction after me and I managed to maintain my hardness long enough for her to work herself off on my cock. She said I was perfect, and I felt good.

I pulled out and once more lay back on the floor – I never realised that fucking was so exhausting – well the cumming was - the fucking was great.

After a while I got up and went to the bathroom to pee and to wash my cock.

I came back and sat in the lounge and Sally came back from the bathroom and came over and sat on my lap. She said whenever you are ready my man – you have saved the best till last. Then Jan came over and sat on the arm of the lounge – I had two well fucked naked ladies virtually sitting on my lap – just the look of the two of them completely natural and naked got me working again and my cock began to firm up again I could not remember if I had ever had three boners in an hour before as well as cumming – this was a marathon for me. I know I had masturbated three times in a day before but to have cum twice already in less than an hour was amazing – and I still had one to go. I would never have imagined my virginity would have been removed like this before. Sally said well I have heard your stories I want to have a story to tell myself. Jan said I was first and I gave him top marks – Jane was listening and said I have been fucked well and truly before and he was as good as any I have had – he has the biggest cock I have ever had up me. Jan was saying he must be feeling a bit sore or buggered by now. They have been two huge fucks he has had.

Sally said look he has his hard on ready for me - let me see if he can rate as well with me as he has with your two.

She lay down and the four of them watched as I got into Sally, she had already been fucked twice but nobody had cum into her, she was still warm, firm and even so a bit damp inside – certainly my cock went in like a greased pole. We fucked normally for a few minutes and Sally said – well you two were not wrong – he feels great in there, you two will have to grow your cocks a bit to equal him. I looked at the two of them with their half hard cocks waiting to fuck the other two girls and I didn’t think I was that much bigger than them – a bit thicker perhaps and as long at least as Tony.

They went off and the six of us were soon heavily engaged in fucking – all in the same room – the girls all talking as we fucked them – I had never imagined anything like this before – It isnt just good – it is great. Three wonderful attractive women and three horny males all fucking like there is no tomorrow and all happy to swap and share the guys between them – no favourites that I was aware of although they were pretty well paired off and it seems Jan and I were going to be an item.

I had been fucking Sally for over five minutes and I wondered if I would ever cum after the two previous fucks I had. I wasn’t sure if Sally had cum when she was being fucked – there were so many fucks and cums I couldn’t remember who of the girls had cum or not. I know all three of the boys had cum each time.

Sally said seeing you are having it for the first time you have done missionary and Doggy – how about we do cowgirl.

Fuck – said Jan – I was hoping I might have been the first for him to do that. Bad luck said Sally – ok lover boy hop off and roll over. I had no idea what they were talking about but it was obviously a fucking position.

I lay on my back and Sally stood over me - I looked up and all I could see was this beautiful cunt at the apex of her legs and her tits poking out. It was enough to drive a man mad just looking at her. Her labia were a bit puffy I noticed, and no wonder after two good fucks and now a third one. She had been fucked solidly for about three quarters of an hour and they were both big fucks that I could determine. I know my cock was beginning to feel the results of two good fucks and now a third on – all their cunts are firm so they had a good grip on it.

Sally then began to lower herself down and I could see what was going to happen – she was going to impale her cunt on my cock and sit on top of it. Jan had stopped to watch her do it. I could see what I had to do – I had to hold my cock up straight for her to go down on it and as she put her cunt against the tip of my cock I waggled it a bit and ticked her cunt lips. Then she just lowered herself down and I could feel my cock going deeper and deeper up into her. It felt awesome – she was going down really slowly and I could tell she was getting as much out of the sensation as I was – if not more as my cock slowly penetrated her vagina. I could see it going further and further into her and between her two beautiful cunt lips. What a wonderful sight and sensation.

Then Sally began to fuck me from the top rocking back and forward at first, then lifting her bum up and down so her cunt massaged my cock, this was awesome – I would never have imagined that fucking like we had been doing could give me so much pleasure and it seems the girls as well.

Jan said how is it Sal.

You are right he is fantastic – you can really feel his cock in there – my cunt is tightly wrapped around it and he feels great. I am really tight around my opening and it feel really good.

Tony said – hey man – you are spoiling them – they wont want us after you.

Jan said don’t worry fellahs – I want you and the more the merrier – any time I am available, its ready for you. Jane said I am with Jan – then Sally said I don’t mind who fucks me so long as I get fucked.

Sally was now working hard on me and I could see she was working on having her orgasm fairly soon, I said are you close …….. and she said very. I said cant make it that quick, she said don’t worry I can cum again.

She then began to cum and really have herself a great time working my cock in side her exactly where she wanted it. Jane said that’s a guaranteed way of cumming in my book, I never miss. If he has cum before me I make him keep it in me until I can work it off. Its fantastic.

I was fascinated with the way they openly discussed fucking and cumming – nobody seemed embarrassed or worried about talking about the way they felt. I know the guys I have spoken to don’t like talking about masturbating as easily as they do.

After she came she lay down on me and between us we worked out a way to move my cock inside her and head me in the direction of an orgasm. Having cum twice before this was taking an effort to make it then she began to wriggle and move and it was like she was masturbating me with her cunt, it felt like fucking and sucking at the same time. It was only a minute or two and I was AAAAHHHHHHHHH ing and OOOOHHHHHHHHHing as my cock spurted my cum upwards and into to her warm wet cunt.

I could not believe I had cum with three different women in three different ways and had seen the other guys cum in different ways as we all fucked.

Sally lay on me until I got my breath back and my cock slipped out of her cunt. She kissed me and said thank you – I really enjoyed that – I hope you did too.

Words would not have described the fuck I had with her or the times I fucked Jan and Jane. I had never believed fucking could have been this good and as fun as well. This afternoon would live in my memory forever – not only was it my first but it would take a lot to even get closed to it again – even if we started all over – I don’t think I could have possibly enjoyed fucking and being fucked like this ever.

Sally got up off me and pulled me up with her hand and we went to the bathroom and peed again and this time we sat facing each other on the seat and we kissed as we pissed- it felt awesome. Then we showered together and she let me give her a knee trembler she called it – a fuck standing up. Neither of us came but it was fun and enjoyable, the first of many I was to have. She asked me who I enjoyed fucking the best. I said you were all equal, for my first time I could not have asked for three better girls.

She said – I am going to make sure I get first prize off you – from now on baby – you and I are going to fuck a lot.

I said how about Jan and Jane.

My guess is they will try and outdo me but we wont tell will we, you and I are going to be really good friend believe me – you and your cock.

Over the next few weeks I fucked the three of them regularly but Sally got it more often. Mike and Tony were always in it with us so the girls called us the Threes Fuckateers. After a couple of times with Sally she and I became obsessed with each other and fucked for as often as we could. We always seemed to be able to cum together time and time again. We fucked so often – far more the others but we always joined in with them when they asked us. One problem was Sally was always full of cum and the other guys were not as keen to fuck her with my cum in her all the time. Eventually we were together so often we became more and more and involved with each other and it became more than just a fuck – it became almost lovemaking. We loved fucking each other and kissing and we began to suck each other as well. We could go for hours fingering and sucking and sometimes hardly fuck at all, We constantly had each other cumming doing it one way or another. We just loved laying together kissing and feeling each other up or sucking and masturbating each other. I believe I could have filled a bucket with the cum I made and ejaculated. I got used to cumming three and four time each time we fucked. It was not unusual for us to fuck four or five times each day and even then we often came twice each time. One day I counted the number of time we fucked – 10 times in one day and I came fourteen times, Jan came eleven times. That is counting the oral and masturbating sex on each other. That was a real fuck fest we set out to do it – just to see how often we could.

Her parents went away for the weekend and she told them she would sleep over with Jan at her house. That was a night I will never forget – I went to her place at about 3 in the afternoon and I lost count of the number of times we had sex – in every way shape and form. We had a copy of the Karma Sutra positions and we did them all. By Sunday lunch time my balls were sore from cumming as often as I did. By then oral sex was as much a part of our sex game as fucking was so she must have sucked a cup full of cum out of me and swallowed it and god knows how many times I made her cum. We even perfected multiple orgasms giving her oral that weekend – she enjoyed two frequently and I even got her to cum three times on a multiple once but that became painful and she nearly passed out with the length of time her orgasm persisted for – she had a non stop orgasm for what we estimated as being close to over a minute non stop. She had never ever had one that lasted for more than about thirty or forty seconds before. As the third one continued it became more and more intense and her body began to cramp badly with the muscle intensity. She said it was an amazing experience but not one she wanted to try again in a while.

Jan and Jane heard about it and it became their ambition to achieve one – but not off me – I was more than happy with Janes body and her vagina – and she was in love with my cock. Even though we shared ourselves with the others we always came back to our wonderful world of sex. Together.