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BOOMERANG MAN!! ( a poem by Stardust, 9-10-10)

2022-08-13 01:54:57

BOOMERANG MAN!! ( a poem by Stardust, 9-10-10)

Don't waste your tears for me baby,
when I'm gone.

My life has been a crazy fling
of outstretched arms
and kicked off shoes--
a sling-shot, rubber band, boomerang life.
a mix of bitter coffee
and love so sweet it made ME turn away.

The match struck in the wind--
by some miracle-- caught--
and the fire was lit.

The fire CAUGHT
but my lips were still torn
from kissing the rose outside your gate...

It was better that sticking my tongue to a frozen post
where your need for me hung like a frozen flag.

A fire so hot raged
until it melted my candy wrapper heart.
A fire burning the candle of life
on both ends
leaving a wax impression
where blood dripped like wax
and hardened
into a red lump.

Don't waste your tears on me babe when I'm gone
my life has been a sling shot.
A boomerang... A rubber band coming and gone.
I've had things, done things, been things--
It's been a roller coaster ride.

Don't waste your tears on me babe--
stay with the honesty of your pursuit.
Have truth on your side--
and honesty-- that I found so hard to have.
The ONLY thing I taught you was the need
for raw emotion.

I'm a boomerang man
but you wanted me to keep coming back
and coming back

You could have found what I had to give
in so many other places.
You stayed on a path of loyalty
even when you felt the suffering
and knowing how close to the edge of disaster
I always loved to walk.

I have been,
I am,
a boomerang man.
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