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2022-11-13 20:40:18


Today I offer you a story about a rich young man who will taste all the pleasures of life!

In these times of illness, I wish you and your loved ones good health!

Do not hesitate to write down my story and criticize it in the comments area so that I can improve myself.

Thank you ! Good reading !



It all started when during the summer of my sixteenth birthday, while I was outside my phone rang and when I picked up a man on the phone posing as a policeman told me the terrible news. My parents had perished in a car accident, after the funeral I had the impression that my life had just collapsed until I was entrusted to Marie a woman of thirty-four years who worked for my family would take care of me until I came of age.

She found me a new high school that also did boarding, which is located in Florida.

The summer vacation ended, I am currently in the private driver's car who takes me back to my boarding school, during the trip left me, you talk about me ... Where to start, my name is Paul, I am what you might call a "geek" i don't really have any friends in real life the only friends i have are the ones i play video games with.

I am three feet eighty for 75 kilos, I am of normal build, I would say, I have black hair and blue eyes.

Despite my lack of experience in love, I like to think I look pretty good when I don't have huge dark circles after nights of playing.

I am already dressed in my uniform consisting of an elegant suit with the school crest engraved on it "RLF" (Royal High School of Florida) because yes, I forgot to mention that my father was a wealthy businessman in real estate and now that only me remains their great fortunes belong to me as well as all their real estate.

The taxi after having taken a private road in a huge park stops in front of the large entrance gate of my new high school, after having paid him the amount of the fare in cash, he hands me my rolling suitcase with another bag above both of the big names, I thank him and walk towards the open portal.

A security guard in front of the guard station stops me to ask me my name and surname, after giving it to him, he lets me pass and I go to the reception of the school.

The instructions on the mail were clear, the new ones should present themselves at the reception on Sunday to be given their rooms and their schedules for the next day the lessons started.

So I enter the reception and go to the office to introduce myself, the lady tells me that a student will come to take me back to my room after making a call on her phone and giving me the keys and a pocket that's supposed to help me.

Sure enough, a good five minutes later, a girl in uniform walks into the office.

I can not help but admire her beauty she is Asian with long black hair and she wears her uniform which consists of a white shirt with a rather short skirt and black tights.

She must notice my gaze, because she gives me a smile right away.

- greet me, it's Mei! I'm on the board from the students, I'll show you where your room is, are you coming?

I manage to emit a sound of affirmation then I follow her outside the reception.

- I ... My name is Paul actually ...

She turns to smile at me.

- delighted Paul, then you are privileged?

I look at her don't understand what that means, seeing my expression she understands that I don't understand.

- well this high school in addition to being extremely expensive, it is also based on a system of wealth the more you or your family are rich or influential the more you have the right to services of all kinds, the best rooms, and other privileges ..

I listen to it when I find out about it all and I curse myself for not paying more attention to the emails from school.

- in addition to, it is many class buildings, sports, theater and its domains of more than one hundred hectares, it has for us the interns of 5 buildings numbered from one to five the most luxurious dormitories being the fifth or only a small handful of students sleep there all from large, extremely wealthy families, for example me, I am in the third building and you must already have a certain fortune!

She smiles at me as I scratch my hair, trying to take in everything she's telling me.

- buildings 1 and 2 are for families with a few million which is not bad ... Besides, in which building, I must bring you.

- I haven't looked yet, I don't understand everything about the cover the receptionist gave me.

She takes the cover from my hands, opens it and rummages in it.

- so you are ... what ... no its must be a mistake ... building one.

She looks at me in amazement.

- but who are you, Paul .. Only seven people live in building one ...

- my name is Paul Douglas ... My father worked in real estate.

Her eyes widen and her mouth opens.

- are you waiting, are you roger douglas the real estate agent who owns half of the buildings in america

- yes ... Finally belonged he died this summer with my mother in a car accident so all belongs to me now.

She looks down a bit.

- oh .. I was ignoring my condolences Paul.

-It's okay, I mourned don't worry, I have to move on in life now.

She gives me a weak smile and takes the road towards a path and when you get to the end you can see the 5 large dormitory buildings and you can't make a mistake in the numbers because in front of each building their numbers are written on the gates of their respective portals and even without that the difference is obvious the building one for example looks like a good three star hotel and the more you go up the numbers the more the building is luxurious that of mei number three looks like a building in New York with the maddening rent that my father owns, but my eyes are then drawn to building number one, mine which is none other than a disproportionate palace with gold everywhere in ornamental guises.

- I admit that I am used to luxury real estate .. But a palace seriously, in a high school.

Mei laughs, looking at my new building too.

- yes, already that our rooms in our building are one floor, each of the rumors says that the palace can accommodate only ten people because of the immense rooms and the disproportionate lounges of the residents, you each have an entire wing of the palace, it seems to me, but today, exceptionally, I have the right to come back to accompany you.

She pulls me by the hand towards the palace, and since I'm the seventh resident, I have wing number seven which is as luxurious as a royal palace, Mei casts amazed glances everywhere after we cross the door to my part of the palace.

- you are very lucky ! You are going to have a good life here, especially as being a category five student, you have housekeepers, cooks and other people at your service.

- really all that! Its done a lot of privileges ...

- a lot ? It's a tiny part Category five students have pretty much all the rights here, but I'm sure you will find out in time and I hope you will share it with me ...

- uh yes with pleasure, but how do you benefit from it?

- well, you can give me things to which I do not have access, services to which category three students do not have access to this kind of thing ...

I watch her as I sit down on one of the large sofas in my living room.

- well, yes, I guess I can, but what am I getting out of all this?

Mei gives me a smile and comes in front of me then starts to unbutton her blouse slowly, not taking her eyes off me.

- oh, I see you inherited your dad's business acumen.

Unable to utter a word, I just watch Mei not believing what is going on, I never would have believed that a girl of her beauty would be interested in a boy like me and even less first day.

She completely removes her shirt revealing a bra black lace that suits her divinely then she slides the skirt down her legs while bending down and she gets up while stroking these tights and when you are totally up I can see that her black lace panties also match the top , his bodies are incredibly toned and sexy.

- you know Paul, my parents may not be as rich as you, but they own a chain of fairly well-known Asian restaurants and he's looking for a worthy suitor for me, you fit the criteria perfectly ...

With these words, she walks up to me and climbs on my legs to me and kisses me full on the mouth, I can feel her tongue trying to make its way into my mouth, I give her access and right away her tongue comes in contact with mine and she spins it around mine quickly for a moment & nbsp; then come suck it with, those lips before breaking the kiss and looking at me.

- uh .. Sorry, I never kissed ...

She smiles and then unbuttoned my shirt quickly tearing even two buttons in passing under the influence of excitement.

- don't worry, you don't need to apologize, you are like a king here ... and I will satisfy my king ...

She lays me down on the sofa and comes over me to lick my neck sensually then she goes down on my chest or she gently licks my nipples before continuing her way lower and lower, she kisses my stomach while their hands are who undo the button and lower the closure of my pants.

- wait Mei ... I've never done that, I'm not sure I'm ready ...

As an answer, she looks at me and winks at me and pulls my pants down and my pants at the same time releasing my hard and throbbing cock.

- oh, Paul you're so royal .. I'll take good care of you!

Without giving me time to reply, she takes my member in her hand and puts her mouth in front, she begins by kissing it on the base of the glans then she licks it slowly from bottom to top to then come and take it in. his mouth which lets me out moans of pleasure.

-Mei ... Arggg .. It's okay.

She begins to suck my rod faster and faster, I can feel her tongue spinning around my shaft at the same time as one of these hands is busy jerking me off at the same time the other massages my balls.

I can feel my cock shaking as mei starts to return my member to her throat by closing her eyes and making choking noises then she withdraws her mouth dripping with drool and it's watery eyes she takes my Channel and comes and hit it against it's cheek before going back abruptly in a deep throat she always puts it further which has the consequence of making me reach my climax.

-Mei! I !

My shaft explodes in Mei's throat wave after wave, I hear her swallow hard and she begins to lick my cock to clean it and leave nothing of my liquid.

- so this first fellatio did you like it.

My king ?

She says as she gets up, licking her lips.

- it was incredible Mei .. But I'm not sure we can do this here .. Es then we barely know each other, we must not ....

Listening to me speak she begins to remove her bras freeing these generous breasts which has the effect of silencing me instantly they are not too big then she takes off her panties revealing small ones to me. lips pink with a little hair down above.

She comes back on the couch and lies down in front of me then spreads her legs giving me a full view of the inside of her.

- so are you ready to taste the fun now too?

- Yes...

My body now guided by my animal instinct in heat my shyness flies away as I come from his side to approach my head from the inside of those thighs once in front of Mei's wet and open lips, I tell myself that this year will not might not be so bad after all.